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Morning Glory

No matter what time we set our alarm, we always seem to be battling against the clock in the morning and racing out the door with a piece of toast, unbuttoned shirt or half a mouth of lipstick.  If you want to avoid the makeup at the lights scenario and enjoy that cup of tea before you leave the house, here are some great tips for you.  We found these handy shortcuts on and they are guaranteed to achieve a manic-free morning.


1)    Emergency Kit


Always have a small purse/ emergency kit in your handbag just in case you forget something in the morning.  Keep your favourite lipstick, an eyeliner, money, house keys and any of the essential items you may need for the day inside.  That way, if you happen to wake up late you’ll have everything you need for the day in your kit.


2)    Photographic Evidence


To always remember that outfit that landed you a bunch of compliments, snap a picture of yourself before you leave the house in outfits you’re particularly happy with.  That way, you’ll always remember those great ‘go-to’ outfits for any occasion.


3)    Hair Care


Don’t wash your hair in the morning; it takes up too much extra time that could be better spent on pushing the snooze button!  Instead, invest in a dry shampoo and spray it on to your hair before bed the night before.  Overnight the dry shampoo will work its magic and you’ll rise in the morning with beautiful clean hair and no one will have to know your secret.  This is a great beauty tool to keep in the cupboard for any emergency situations!


4)    Shower Steamer


Kill two birds with one stone and use your shower as a makeshift steamer.  While you wash, hang any wrinkly clothes in the bathroom that need an iron and the hot steam from the shower will straighten them right out.  There’ll be no need for early-morning ironing anymore.  Phew.


5)    Speed Dry


Instead of blow-drying your hair the moment you step out of the shower, allow it to dry naturally while you embark on other morning tasks.  Do your make-up, eat breakfast, pick your outfit, anything!  Just allow enough time for your bathroom to de-steam, this way you will be blow-drying in a frizz-free zone.



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