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Mission Possible

It can be intimidating and frustrating trying to find gifts for people who seem to have everything.  But have you ever thought these people might be the easiest to buy for? The theory goes like this – people who have lots of possessions obviously love possessions. So for them, the thought of having more “things” is just fantastic.

So with this positive point of reference, here are some ideas for the seemingly impossible people on your list. We hope this helps avoid the last-resort options of gift certificates.


You have already been through so many gift giving occasions that your options are dwindling. Tickets to Gold Class cinema is a safe bet, or if you’re confident in their taste, tickets to a show or even to the Australian Open Tennis.

Spoiled Surly Teens

Go to Dangerfield and choose a t-shirt with a slogan you don’t understand. If you look at a design and think “huh?” – that’s the right one. Often the store has three for the price of two deals.

Older Females

Auntie Pat loves house-cluttering trinkets so how about a gorgeous candle in fabulous glassware that she can keep after it’s finished. Try the Aquiesse range from Pictures of the family in her taste of photo frame is another good idea.

Older Males

These guys don’t seem to mind getting the obvious gift of whiskey. But if you want a more inspired gift, have a look at Bookbinders Designs who can emboss his initials on the cover of an elegant linen notebook or diary.

The Boss

Political correctness is essential and you want to give something very tasteful, without going over the top. A business card holder is a good bet for male and female bosses and Oroton has some good options online and in-store.


Because most of your staff will have an iPhone or smart phone, headphones are a great idea because they always seem to go missing. The Iconic has quite a few but my pick is the inexpensive DVF or Jonathan Adler earbuds at Shopbop.

The Gaybours

For the boys or girls next door, go gourmet. David Jones food hall is full of wonderful ideas for all budgets. Books about their taste in decorating is a great option too.

Ex-Spouses and their new partner

For this gift, I like to be clever, but cheap. Knowing there’s a high likelihood your gift will move on to someone else in the blink of an eye, go for something impersonal. Christmas fare and chocolates are usually a great option.

The Wealthy

Wealthy people can be tricky, but here’s a solution. You can’t really buy them what they want, but you can buy them storage for their possessions. How about a gorgeous watch box or jewellery box? Ralph Lauren Home at David Jones in Melbourne and Sydney has some great ideas.


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