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Madame Lash

As long time slaves to coveted long lashes, we have tried our fair share of treatments, plus so many mascaras that we could open our own beauty store.  There’s eyelash tinting, perming, curling, extensions, and now lash coating.  But which treatment actually gives us those sought-after Hollywood lashes?


Lash Coating


This revolutionary new treatment hit our shores in 2012, but is still relatively unheard of.  We haven’t actually tried this treatment yet, but after this research, we are very excited to.  Lash Coating is huge in the UK and the USA with treatments like LashDip, while in Australia we have Mesmereyez and MYscara.  Lash Coating is basically a mix of tinting and semi-permanent mascara that gives you longer, thicker, curlier, more defined lashes.  The treatment takes around 30-45 minutes, costs approximately $95 and lasts for a month.  First, your lashes are curled, then dipped into a coating treatment and finally sealed, hello long lashes!  You’ll have lavish lashes 24/7.


Eyelash Tinting


Tinting is probably the most common treatment, it’s cheap and you can have it done nearly anywhere.  Tinting works best for blondes, so if you’re a brunette, it’s probably not worth the effort.  The treatment takes about 15 minutes and generally costs around $18-25.  We found that after a couple of weeks, we needed to start to use mascara again as the tint begins to wear off.  While tinting is nice and natural, you do still need to wear makeup when you go out at night.  This treatment is probably best for when on holiday and you don’t want to wear much makeup.  Also, be warned that tinting can sometimes sting.


Eyelash Perming


Perming is different to curling, as it’s longer lasting and is a salon treatment.  A mini curler is glued to your top lashes to hold it in place, and then here comes the notorious perming solution.  I’m sure most of us will remember the divine smell of the solution from the 80s?  Well, get prepared for some leg warming flashbacks!  Although you won’t need to use your eyelash curler for about 3-4 weeks, we still think tinting or mascara should be used in addition to perming.  Perming is now harder to find and costs around $70.


Eyelash Extensions


Acrylic, silk and mink, no, we are not talking about nails or coats, we are talking about extensions.  For those who have never tried extensions, this treatment is quite a time commitment and takes about an hour and half.  Individual lashes are glued to your eyelid, and have the same effect as hair extensions.  When they grow or the glue comes unstuck, the extensions start to fall out.  Be careful with acrylic lashes, they are quite sharp, so when they fall out they can hurt your eye.  Mink extensions, as you can imagine, are very expensive, but feel amazingly luxurious.  We found silk the best option, as they were a happy medium.  Expect your extensions to last around a month and will cost anywhere from $100-200 for a full set of lashes.



If you’ve discovered anything else new on the market, do tell us.



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