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Luxury Sleepwear For Summer

luxury sleepwear

We are slowly approaching that time of year when the nights are sultry enough to banish heavy blankets and flannel pajamas in favour of lighter sleepwear.

This year, rather than reach out for that familiar shorts and T-shirt set, take your sleepwear up a notch in style and luxury by spoiling yourself with sleepwear that is not just beautiful but that will also see you through many summers ahead.

From silk to cotton sateen, woman with drive’s five top picks of luxury sleepwear are more than just comfortable clothing for slumber. They are also a nod of recognition to the fact that real style never goes to sleep.

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la perla


Charisma Long Night Dress by La Perla

Infuse your evenings with a little more elegance with La Perla’s gorgeous nightdress in soft pure modal jersey. The deep side slits add a touch of sensuality while the lace inserts emphasis the décolleté without revealing too much. It is femininity at its loveliest.



for restless sleepers


Floral Print Pajama Trousers by For Restless Sleepers

With a drawstring fastening, side pockets, a back pocket and a wide leg, For Restless Sleeper’s multicoloured silk floral print pajama trousers is a dream to slip into for those who toss and turn during the night. Pair it with a plain lightweight cotton tank or T-shirt to set yourself up for pure comfort until dawn.



louise mitchell


Ladies Luxury Designer Silk Nightgown Scarlett by Louise Mitchell

The hand embroidered flowers cascading down its front and delicate French knots in strategic places turn Louise Mitchell’s silk crepe de chine nightgown into a stunning work of art. Designed with a biased cut, this nightdress clings to your natural curves and flatters the outline of the body. Go to bed and wake up feeling like royalty.





Maison Du Soir Sydney Blouse by journelle

If sophisticated is more your style than sweet or sensual, then you will love journelle’s classic and structured button down. The cotton does not rumple and the little classy details, like ivory shell buttons and a contrast noir piping, take it beyond “just another white shirt”. That you can answer an unexpected knock at the door in the morning without feeling self-conscious makes this one a winner.





Emmy Nightie by For Love & Lemons


Charm is embroidered all over For Love & Lemons’ sleeveless nightie. Woven from lightweight blended cotton with a white and natural pinstripe print, it is made for nights when temperatures climb a just that little bit higher. The scalloped lace shoulders and fluted hemline​ bring a sense of playfulness to this wonderfully breezy night wear.


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