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McQueen, Dior, Vuitton – the OMGs of luxury shoes

It is time to talk masterfully crafted footwear. Most women take great pleasure in purchasing the perfect pair but I bet there are a few leopard pumps or killer purple heels in the wardrobe that were only worn once.

It’s time to put your luxury shoe purchase to maximum use and tiptoe through the trials and tribulations that go with shopping for luxury shoes. Yes, you can experiment with styles and colours, but look for classic elements that really will stand the test of time and most importantly are a true reflection of your personality and lifestyle. Then you will wear your shoes with confidence and be admired for your inimitable sense of style. How satisfying.

The key to buying luxury shoes to be enjoyed for years is to look for classic shapes that dare to be different through use of colour, texture and detail.  Now, comfort really is of no interest here BUT you should you be practical. A great tip is to look at the position of the heel, it should sit perfectly under your centre of gravity.

Here are our top five favourites as they cleverly combine timeless appeal with contemporary thought and techniques: experimenting with colour, detail, texture and shape.

Brian Atwood

Launching in 2001, Brian Atwood took one glamorous stride into the luxury shoe market. The allure of the American designer’s footwear is the exclusivity and superior technical quality of his designs that are sexy and aggressive. Visit:

Alexander McQueen

Creative Director Sarah Burton has stayed true to the founder’s fascination with the melodramatic 16th Century to the razor sharp tailoring which has become a McQueen signature. Integral to the McQueen culture is the juxtaposition between contrasting elements: fragility and strength, tradition and modernity, fluidity and severity. So pop on a classic loafer, sandal or court shoe donned with a bejeweled skull and celebrate the rebel in you, it lies in all of us. Visit:


Dior has adhered to its heritage of good taste, the art of living and refined culture that epitomises this design house. The s/s collection takes the classic court with pointed toe and dresses it on different guises that are bold yet easy to adapt to your wardrobe. Visit:

Giuseppe Zanotti

He focuses everything on a formula of creativity and craftsmanship of the highest level. Zanotti sees his shoe factory as something more akin to a fashion house set up to meet the needs of every woman’s foot, and not so much an industrial concern that mass produces tedious shoes.  Where confusion is the new order, I’m confused what not to buy. Visit:

Louis Vuitton

Considered some of the most beautiful creations in the industry, LV shoes blend excellent craftsmanship with quality and comfort. They are seen as a mark of class and are favored by those who love understated elegance, style and fashion. Visit:

And … then there’s handmade

Handmade shoes are certainly worth the investment if you have feet that are tricky to please, be it width, length, interesting details (bunyons), or simply want to enjoy the tradition and comfort of beautifully crafted shoes. You may like to try Andrew McDonald, stocked around the country,

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  1. As a shoe fanatic I believe it’s important for women to invest in a few high quality pairs of heels. Use the cheap ones for every day and when you’re feeling down or everything is not quite right, put on a pair of those special shoes and you’ll be able to change the world!

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