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Luxury Horse Riding Retreats In Argentina & Patagonia

Casa El Romanso

Horses play an important part in the history and folklore of Argentina. In the 16th century, the gauchos or Argentine cowboys tamed the wild horses that escaped the Spanish settlements and put them to work in the cattle-raising ranches.

Then, when polo began growing in popularity, the endurance of the native Argentine Criollo horses was crossed with the speed and grace of the English Thoroughbreds to produce the Argentine polo pony.

Today, whether you ride for pleasure or sport, Argentina and Patagonia both promise a thrilling experience. woman with drive has handpicked four luxury horse riding retreats that are guaranteed to delight the most discerning of horse lovers.


Puesto Viejo Estancia and Polo Club


Puesto Viejo Polo Club and Estancia


This is the perfect place to experience Argentina’s favourite sport, polo. It is a stunning destination where you can watch the best at play or take part in fun chukkas with experienced players guiding you through the game.

Believe it or not, you do not need to have prior riding experience to have fun as the instructors will teach you all the riding techniques you need to know. Start at a slow walk and progress through the gaits as you gain confidence.

If you would rather be a spectator, Puesto Viejo is also a Polo Club that attracts 22 and 24 goal polo, which is extraordinary to watch up close.

To relax, enjoy the infinity pool, dine outdoors or sway to the rhythm of this magical place in hammock. Alternatively, head to Palermo for retail therapy or drive an hour to reach Buenos Aires.


Casa El Remanso


Casa El Remanso


Whether you are seeking blissful relaxation or a little adventure, Casa El Remanso has an abundance of both activities. Learn polo for the first time, hone your current skills or take a leisurely ride around the property.

If you would like a breather from horseback riding, pick up a set of clubs at the Lobos Golf Club, challenge someone to a tennis match or simply unwind by the pool or in your luxury lodge. Want to explore the nearby towns? Just let the management know what you have in mind and they will take care of the details.


Estancia Cristina


Estancia Cristina


This celebrated property was founded in 1914 and spans 22,000 hectares which are surrounded by glaciers snow peaks, and lakes. It is truly isolated and an excellent escapade. In fact, it is completely acceptable to do nothing but admire the unique and vast Patagonian lands.

If you want to get out and about, however, you will be spoilt for choice as Cristina is situated in a national park. Whether you choose to go horseback riding, mountain biking or canoeing, you will find yourself amidst an abundance of wildlife and magnificent panoramic views.

One of Cristina’s most popular excursions involves sailing among icebergs where you will be brought to the western front of the Upsala Glacier and watch blocks of ice falling from it.






Eolo truly symbolises the spirit of Patagonia. Located in the valley of La Anita, it is surrounded by some of Patagonia’s most significant and striking landmarks, including El Calafate and the Perito Moreno glacier with the Argentine Lake and the Andes in clear view.

The lodge is situated on an estate that stretches across 4,000 hectares. Needless to say, the dramatic scenery is best experienced on horseback. The adventurous will want to partake in ice trekking at Perito Moreno glacier. For relaxation, enjoy the sauna, indoor pool and delicious cuisine. Or escape to your room to gaze out at the breathtaking views.

Eolo is a member of the Relais & Châteaux Group, which speaks volumes about the level of service, accommodation and experiences that await you.


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