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Love Your Leather

Are things looking a little tired, worn and wrinkled? Need some professional enhancements? No, we are not talking about your face… but your most precious leather goods.


As daunting as it might seem, you need to clean your leather products. But clearly we can’t pop them on a spin cycle. You’ve invested in a quality product, so leave your leather cleaning to the professionals.


Few people realise that you can rejuvenate and restore leather – bags, wallets, shoes and jackets – to make it look as good as new.  So before you rush out to buy a new Birkin, why not try cleaning or colour restoring your old favourite.  It will add years to the life of your accessories and save you a fortune!


There are plenty of places around Australia that offer specialist leather cleaning services – and fortunately, we have done all the hard work in finding them.


All States


My Bag Spa –

Specialises in general cleaning, colour restoration and leather jacket services.  For those not in Melbourne, you can also post your leather product to My Bag Spa and they will send it back all cleaned up.


The Leather Doctor –

Available in all states around Australia.  They can even restore furniture and car interiors.




Evans –

With over 50 years experience, Evans specialise in restoration, dying and colour matching, water protecting leather products and can re-cover shoes or handbags to match any piece of clothing.




Elie’s Bag and Leather Repairs – (02) 9231 3352

Elie’s specialises in restoring and cleaning designer brand leather goods. Located in the Strand Arcade, in some instances, they can restore products within a few hours.




Bag Beauty –

Services include general cleaning, colour dying, conditioning, stain removing, water protecting and more.  You can also trade your leather accessories in for something new.




Traditional Shoe Repairs – (08) 9324 1120

This leather specialist is recommended by Gucci in Perth and will repair all leather goods, not just shoes.

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