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A Photographer’s Tips On Looking Great In Every Photo

Photograper Tips

If you are taking a selfie at night in your own home and need soft lighting, simply stand in front of your open fridge and snap away.

This little trick is courtesy of Darcie Welsh White, the Brisbane-based photographer responsible for the beautiful images on the Instagram feed of Australian fashion label, Sabo Skirt.

“Seriously, the fridge trick works!” she promised. “Soft, even lighting is always best. If you are inside, stand facing a window. If you are outside, find a shaded spot.”

“Also, angle your phone slightly above your face for a flattering shot. And do not worry about getting the “perfect” selfie. It is meant to be fun and the first photo is usually the best so no need to take hundreds!

Darcie joined Sabo Skirt a little over a year ago after being approached by one of its founder’s Thessy Kouzoukas and is still as inspired as she was on day one.

“It has been so exciting working for Sabo,” she said. “The shoots get better and better every time. We are always on the hunt for new models and locations, and I love creating all this new content.”

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With Sabo Skirt’s models and two founders looking picture perfect in every single shot, woman with drive asked Darcie for her best tips when fronting the camera. Here is what she dished out:

1. Lift your chin slightly to better show off your face.

2. Stand at a slight angle to the camera. Not only is this a flattering angle but it also breaks up the photo. Facing the camera directly can look boring and posed.

3. Practise. If you are camera shy, spend some time in front of the mirror experimenting with different poses, angles and expressions. Find out what your best features are. Even something as simple as finding your natural smile can help you feel more confident about having your photo taken.

4. Turn your face towards the light. Too much shadow on the face is unflattering. If you are in a group shot and a flash is being used, look at the spot right next to the flash to avoid the red eye effect.

5. Relax your shoulders. If you are anxious in front of the camera, it will show in your body and face. Relaxing your shoulders will improve your posture and make you look more natural.

6. Do not overthink your pose. Just do what feels comfortable. If a pose feels awkward, chances are it will also look that way. The more you can ignore the camera, the better.

7. Prep for a media shoot as if you were attending a special occasion. Choose an outfit that will boost your confidence but that is also comfortable to wear for a few hours and that reflects your personality. Wear heavier makeup than you normally to avoid looking washed out. Opt for just one or two subtle accessories that will not distract from you.


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