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Live A Simpler Life

Simpler Life

If you are hoping to greet 2016 with with hope of a simpler life, you wouldn’t be the only one. But earnest intentions will lead us nowhere if we are not willing to change the subtle habits that slyly complicate our life. woman with drive has combed through a laundry list of habits for a simpler life and nailed down five that you can start with right now.   


#1: Say “no” when you really mean it

It is tempting to accept every social invitation and request to do more at work or at home but over commitment is the biggest enemy of a simpler life. While no one likes disappointing someone else, being a people-pleaser will only drag you into a pit of resentment.

Start the change by questioning your impulse to say “yes”. It is ok to take time to think about whether you really want or need to do what is being asked of you, how it fits in with your other commitments and what options you can offer the other person that will still meet the need.


#2: Limit your daily tasks

Decide at the start of each day on the two or three most important tasks for the rest of the day, and cut out the rest. Be ruthless. Then, immerse yourself in a single task at a time without feeling the pressure of rushing through it to get to the next waiting one.

Your list of tasks will always be there so give yourself a little breathing space by focusing your energy on one task at a time rather than spread it across three simultaneously.


#3: Establish a routine

Whether you are a morning person or not, dedicate the first hour of your day to a trusted routine. This will both ground and soothe you, and make you more mindful and competent. How you start your day has an enormous impact on your overall effectiveness so do not include activities in your routine that demand an instant reaction, like checking your email.


#4: Get rid of untrue thoughts

The same way you double check and verify facts in your work, so you should do the same for your thoughts. We all have stories about ourselves that govern how we live our lives but how many of those stories are actually true? And where have those stories come from?

Perhaps they were true before but no longer hold water now. Start questioning your stories about yourself and why you have them on repeat. It is usually not who you are that holds you back but who you think you are not. Practice self-honesty, not self-judgment.


#5: Learn to be human again

Stop hiding behind gadgets and communicate in real life more often. Come out from behind your emails to have the tough conversations face to face. This way there is no guessing or misinterpretation of how something is being said and what it really means. Smile with your mouth instead of your emoji. Share stories with your voice instead of through an icon. Gadgets have a finite lifespan no matter how well you care for them. But offer the same care to your relationships and you will be witness to their astounding longevity.

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