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Lisa Messenger: On a mission to ignite human potential

Purpose: Book Review


Lisa Messenger is a best-selling author, editor, public speaker and entrepreneur moving mountains in the world of online, print and publishing. Her ever-increasing Collective Hub empire aims to ignite human potential, and has certainly done so since its launch in 2013.


In a recent statement, Messenger announced that she is breaking the mould yet again, revealing that the March 2018 issue of the Collective Hub print magazine would be the last as she aims to give new life to the brand.


Alongside the announcement, Messenger also revealed she is turning her bestselling book Daring and Disruptive into a digital masterclass as she continues her move into entrepreneurial education.


Having already penned seven books, her latest release Purpose hit shelves late in 2017 and it is one for every career-woman and aspiring entrepreneur to add to their collection. It is a book for the rule breakers and those with a passion they aim to turn into a career, and is full of insightful knowledge from some of the most inspirational influencers of our time.


Purpose takes readers on a journey of self-discovery, detailing Messenger’s path to realising her ‘why’ and in turn her journey to starting Collective Hub. It’s a guide on how to take your passion and turn it into a meaningful career doing something you love by being specific with your idea, looking within and starting on the path to realising and discovering your own purpose.


We won’t lie. Here at woman with drive we found ourselves highlighting passages and bookmarking countless pages. Purpose is filled with valuable information, real-life examples and systematic guidance on how to find your ‘why’ and the tools you need to make your idea a reality. To Messenger, it doesn’t so much matter what it is that you’re doing, but why you are doing it.


For Messenger your why must be “the thing that drives you every single day, the thing that keeps you going when you feel like you are at your absolute limits and in the depths of despair. It’s the one thing that has the power to propel you forwards.” Whether it be creating a better quality of life for someone in need, adding to people’s lives via a great invention or art, or even aiming to ignite human potential, as long as it has meaning it is absolutely worth it.


Don’t be fooled – she doesn’t gloss over the details, with many a page spent emphasising the hard work that it takes to get an idea off the ground and keep it ticking along, particularly in trying times. Readers are told to expect highs and lows and to be pushed out of their comfort zone further than ever before. Yet every word is one that budding entrepreneurs need to read with an abundance of valuable, hard-truth advice to take on board.


Purpose is uplifting, encouraging, realistic and full of powerful words to get you out in the world, chasing your ‘why’ and fulfilling your true purpose. This book makes you question what you are doing with your life, why you are doing it and has you asking yourself how you can make changes to realise your why. Best of all, it tells you how.


Purpose is yet another winner from an inspiring woman and influencer and we cannot wait to see what wisdom her next book, Risk & Resilience (due on shelves in September, 2018), will contain and what her next move following the Collective Hub magazine closure will be.


For more on Lisa, read our past interview with her here. To purchase your own copy, visit the Collective Hub website.

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