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Li Edelkoort

Even if you haven’t heard of her, Li Edelkoort has probably had an effect on your life. Li is one of the world’s leading trend forecasters and advises large fashion and consumer goods companies about emerging trends and movements. Although her work spans many industries, she is probably best known for her forecasting in fashion and interior design.

Since the 1980s, Li has created innovative trend books and audiovisuals, becoming a pioneer in the industry and launching trend forecasting as a profession.

Born in Wageningen, Holland in 1950, Li Edelkoort studied fashion design at the School of Fine Arts in Arnhem, Holland. Li predicts trends in concepts, colour and materials over two years in advance and claims, “there is no creation without advance knowledge, and without design, a product cannot exist.” ( philosophy enables Li and her close-knit team to better position her clients in interpreting the changes in society and the consumer tastes to come.

woman with drive was lucky enough to attend a seminar by Li at designEX in Sydney last month and we have the exclusive, direct from Li herself, on the emerging trends for 2015/16.

General Trend

The trend is towards materials; objects, fashion and design that embrace, cuddle and make us feel happy and safe. A major influence is tactility, as people need to balance their lives in front of electronic screens. We will see many more chunky woollen knits, padded and pillow type clothing and homewares.

Oval is the new shape with rounded edges all around the home. Oval shapes in kitchen and bathrooms will emerge. Furniture that embraces you and provides a mini-sanctuary such as rounded chairs, couches and desks will be popular.


Colours will turn to green tinting and she predicted designers will place green tones in their colour palettes. This will be a major move away from the red/orange tones so dominant over the past 20 years. Colours in general are moving lighter so it’s time to reconsider those all black outfits. Plus she says yellow is the new pink, so we will see lots more of yellow in the coming years.

The Bedroom

Li ended her presentation with “the pillow book” – a look into the bedroom. She said the bedroom is now the most important room in the house taking focus away from kitchen and living areas. According to Li, we will spend more leisure time, entertaining, eating and working in the bedroom. Thus the bedroom will start to resemble a hotel room with open bathrooms, fires and even mini-bars, transforming into a more complete living space.


Image credit: Australian Design Review


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