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It Is Time To Let Go

Let Go by Sanctuary Spa Convent Garden

What would you do if you had your time again?

Would you celebrate the choices you made or pick out what you could have done differently? Or perhaps you would just relax, breathe and let go.

Getting women to let go is at the heart of the Sanctuary Spa, Convent Garden’s mission and #LetGo campaign. Earlier this year, they quizzed 1,064 women on their lifestyles. The responses ranged from moderately to extremely stressed with a staggering 40% admitting to being close to burn out.

Determined to nudge women away from the pressure to do more, be more and give more, Sanctuary Spa launched this campaign with a powerful short video. These women glanced over their shoulders and turned around again with some words of gold for you.





Video and image credits: The Sanctuary Spa, Convent Garden

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