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Lessons from Louboutin

Marilyn Monroe may think, ‘diamonds are a girl’s best friend’, but we all know nothing compares to a killer pair of high heels.  But mastering the walk in a pair of high heels, takes serious practice and poise. To avoid the awkward wobble, tumble or ankle roll, here are some tips from the maker of the famous red sole, Christian Louboutin, on how to feel comfortable and confident in high heels.


1.  It’s all about the arch.

According to Louboutin, wearing a heel that is 12 or 15cm high is fine, but the arch of the shoe shouldn’t be over 8cm. The arch defines the comfort and mobility of the shoe and your feet should never be at a right angle.


2.  Size it up.

Be truthful about your actual size.  Remember the scene in Cinderella with the stepsisters?  Exactly.  Women tend to be embarrassed about their actual feet size, thinking their feet are too big.  There is no shame in shoe sizes. The most sold size at Louboutin is size 9.


3.  Adapt your walk.

Wearing high heels will inevitably slow your pace down – so don’t try to rush in them.  A woman’s walk when wearing high heels is more feminine, graceful and fluid.  Slow down and just enjoy the passing scenery; you might just notice something you hadn’t before.


4.  Vary the heel height.

Wearing high heels reduces the Achilles muscle tendons so it’s important to vary the heel height to keep your leg muscles exercised.  Wearing the exact same height everyday will cause the muscles to become rigid and cause pain in the legs and feet.


5.  Don’t fake it.

If you’re not an expert heel wearer, don’t pretend to be.  Start with a thicker, lower heel and work your way up to your dream stiletto.  Platforms are a great beginner’s option.


6.  Stairway to heaven.

Practise wearing heels by walking up and down the stairs, this uses all the leg muscles and is the perfect training for when you hit the street.  Once you perfect the stairs walk, you’ll be running marathons in your heels!


High heels are powerful weapons, but they need to be used carefully.  If all else fails, talcum powder and ice bags will work wonders on sore feet.


Information for this article appeared first on Et Voila.


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