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Lessons From My Mother

Sonia Kruger Lessons From My Mother

My mother is a very smart woman. The things she has taught me, is still teaching me and will teach me, never cease to amaze. Here are just a few of her pearls of wisdom.


Waste Not, Want Not

My mother was born into a large family in country Queensland. Her parents were farmers and children of the depression. There was not a lot of anything to go round. Money was scarce. Sometimes food was scarce and at times, even water was scarce. The family relied completely on tank water so it was used only when necessary.

Years later my mother still lives by the belief, “waste not want not”. If something can be reused or repurposed (like wrapping paper or plastic takeaway containers) she will find a way. She can make use of just about anything and what she can do with leftovers would put Martha Stewart to shame.

My mother is a breath of fresh air in our current disposable society and her lessons on recycling are priceless.

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A Rolling Stone Gathers No Moss

Financial security has always been important to my mother, perhaps because she did not have a lot as a child. From a very early age she instilled the idea that it is important to save. Put something aside for a rainy day. Make sure you have a nest egg. Above all else – and this message was pretty clear – never rely on anyone else for your financial independence.

My mother knew that the way forward financially was to put down property roots and then stay put. You might have to wait a while for the tree to bear fruit but it will happen eventually.

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Forgive And Forget

According to my mother, it is pointless holding a grudge. It does not solve anything and only hurts the person bearing the ill will. Letting go of the resentment and getting on with life is my mother’s mantra.


Did I mention that my mother is a very smart woman? Happy Mother’s Day, mum. I love you. X


Sonia Kruger is a TV host and presenter.

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