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Le Mans

When you think of Le Mans, the first thing that probably pops into your mind is Steve McQueen in that iconic white jumpsuit, However, Le Mans is actually the most grueling endurance race in history.
The 24-Hours of Le Mans is the world’s oldest endurance race and has been held annually since 1923 in France.  The race is considered the most prestigious in the world of racing and is commonly referred to as the Grand Prix of Endurance.  Many racing drivers start in the race, but only half actually cross the finish line.


Endurance sports car racing may seem like a male-skewed activity, but the 24-Hours of Le Mans has engaged many women over the 81 years since it was first run.  These are serious women with drive.


A total of 55 women have started in the race and 36 have finished. France’s Odette Siko had the best result, coming fourth in 1932.  Not surprisingly, French women have been the most inspired to compete, with 21 drivers making 57 race starts over the years, scoring four top-10 finishes and 10 class victories.


It has been 16 years since Porsche entered Le Mans, and sadly no woman has ever been behind the wheel of a Porsche since the race started. However, the next best thing for women will be helping Porsche make a come-back this year and supporting the local talent, and who better than Aussie heartthrob Mark Webber?


What woman doesn’t love a man in uniform?


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