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Laying Out A Winter Picnic


The first month of winter is well and truly over! By now, most of us would have adapted to the crisp air and likely have a string of winter activities penciled into our calendar for the next two months. But what if you have already had your fill of skiing and tobogganing yet still want to enjoy a family day outdoors? The answer is a winter picnic.

Just like its summer counterpart, a winter picnic promises a relaxing day of great family fun in a favourite city park or at the end of a short road trip. Rope in a few other families and you will have a fabulous social outing on your hands.

Here is woman with drive’s quick guide to laying out a winter picnic.

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Winter Picnic Basics

The success of your winter picnic hinges on how much thought you put into the aspect of physical comfort. Get this right and your family will be planning the next picnic on the way home. Here are the essentials:

An umbrella especially if you live in a state that is prone to temperamental weather conditions.

A warm picnic blanket that is thick, waterproof, easily transportable and big enough for the whole family to sit on.

Extra blankets in case the wind suddenly picks up or the temperature unexpectedly drops.

A flashlight in case you decide to watch the sunset or linger five minutes too long.

Tissues to wipe those drippy noses.

A backpack to carry the food because your stylish wicker basket will let in too much cold air.

Small hot water bottles to tuck under your clothes.

Sunscreen if it is a particularly sunny day because snow reflects the sun’s rays and sunburn is a possibility even in winter.

Portable speakers and a great playlist because good music helps build good memories.

A Frisbee or football to toss around and really warm yourself up.

Garbage bags so you only leave footprints behind.


Winter Picnic Food

Resist the temptation to pack an full hot spread and opt for just one hot main component instead. Supplement that with cookies and fruit. Also make sure that none of the food requires any assembly because no one will want to remove their gloves for a DIY sandwich.

Here are some ideal food to pack:

Steamy luscious stews and soups that can be poured into a thermos and kept warm for up to five hours. Warm up the thermos first by filling it with hot water for two minutes, then pour out the water and add the food to keep it warmer even longer.

Gourmet sandwiches or burritos wrapped in aluminum foil and popped in an insulated bag that will keep them warm for at least two hours.

Cheese and antipasto platters if you only plan on nibbling.

Spicy food to warm you up from the inside.

Simple staples like granola bars, apples or freshly baked muffins if you plan to stay out for the whole day.

Pasta and warm whole-grain salads if you are taking along utensils.

Pita and tortilla filled with meat, greens and sauces which can be toasted on a barbecue pit.


Winter Picnic Drinks

A large thermos – or two – and little insulated cups are all you need to keep warm before or after polishing off the food. Everyone has their signature winter drink but these are some of the popular ones:

Mulled wine is a classic winter drink loaded with cinnamon and spices and easily made ahead of time.

Hot toddy is becoming another fast winter favourite with its simple blend of whiskey, honey, lemon juice, cinnamon and cloves.

Hot spiced apple cider is versatile enough to concoct with any spices although cinnamon and nutmeg is always a winning combination.

Cocoa or hot chocolate for the ultimate tummy warmer.

Tea or coffee if that is your daily beverage of choice.

Water to avoid cold weather dehydration.


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