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Last Chance To See

Choosing your next travel destination can sometimes be a painful task. But one consideration that is often overlooked is whether the destination will still be there by the time it makes it to the top of that ever-expanding list.

It seems odd to think that some of the world’s most beautiful travel destinations are at risk of disappearing forever.  So, if you don’t get packing soon you might miss out on a once in a lifetime experience!


The Dead Sea

Mother nature’s original health spa, the mineral rich waters of the Dead Sea have been an indulgent destination for women with drive for centuries- from Cleopatra to Rhianna. Found between Jordan and Israel at the earth’s lowest elevation below sea level, it is also the saltiest body of water on the planet that results in swimmers being able to blissfully float across the surface- no lilo required!

However, with neighbouring countries tapping into the source of this veritable fountain of youth, water levels have dropped by 25 metres in the last 40 years and it could be left dry by 2050.



Perhaps one of the most romantic cities in the world, Venice is so much more than a gondola ride with a generous selection of couture boutiques, a Guggenheim and of course the glamorous Venice Film festival.

Tragically, the unique architecture of this city could eventually be its undoing as building foundations begin to sink into the emerald green waters of the canals and rising sea levels threaten to engulf it. Before it disappears, be sure to stop by in March for Carnevale- the internationally acclaimed annual festival where people flock to the streets in elaborate masks and costumes.


Galapagos Islands

These isolated volcanic islands are hailed as a living museum with more geographically unique species than anywhere else in the world.  You can explore the bizarre landscapes and get up close and personal with fur seals, iguanas and of course the majestic Galapagos tortoise, just to name a few.

Sadly, the introduction of foreign animals and an increasing tourism footprint is threating the fragile ecosystem that makes this place so unique and native species could begin to disappear. Ensure this natural wonder can be enjoyed in the future without compromising on luxury by staying with one of the islands eco-friendly hotels such as the soon to be open Pikaia Lodge.



Madagascar is home to plants and animals found nowhere else in the world due to the islands isolated geographical location.

Since human arrival over 2000 years ago, Madagascar has lost nearly 90% of its flora and sadly, much of its wildlife.  Nearly all of the 103 species of lemur are now classified rare, endangered or vulnerable, and 17 species are already extinct.   Conservationists are pioneering to preserve the remaining fragmented forests, by separating areas of wildlife with human activities or structures, so there may be some hope for these little fury friends.


Swiss Alps

For those that want to enjoy the fresh mountain air, the Alps are a haven for hiking, kayaking and of course all things snow!   This pristine destination seems untouchable in its perfection but climate change is threatening to turn this skiing mecca into a water park as glaciers begin to rapidly melt.  Make sure you don’t miss out on a quintessential Swiss Alp chalet experience by nestling into resort culture in Verbier during ski season- between December and April.



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