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Kids’ Fashion Trends In Spring/Summer 2015

Fashion Trends For Kids

Once upon a time, children’s clothes carried no element of style. Kids’ fashion was neither a trend nor even a concept. It simply did not exist. Thanks goodness for the little ones that designers – and parents – have moved on and put that bland era permanently behind them.

One designer who has cut herself a hefty slice of this fashion pie is Linstel D’ Mello, the creator of Havoc Denim. Linstel launched her boutique brand of premium denim so children from toddler to teen could own a piece or two of clothing in the most evergreen, versatile and durable of fabrics.

Linstel laughed when she explained the story behind her brand name. “I was never your typical Indian girl who did what her parents told her. I was a lot of trouble and was called a havoc so it only made sense to name my brand after me!”

Both she and Havoc Denim have lived up to its name and reputation. Not content with merely offering gorgeous, butter soft denim in different washes, Linstel has caused a stir with her bold block colours, bright prints and clever details like the diamante button on the jeans.

Her non-conformity means that she is always weaving each season’s trend into her denim range. In other words, she has her finger firmly on the fashion pulse. For Spring/Summer 2015, her radar is tingling with buzzwords of simplicity, versatility and ease of wear.

Kids wearing Spring/Summer 2015 fashion

“It is all about being trendy and cool but not in the traditional form or sense,” Linstel said. “For girls, especially, the days of donning frilly frocks are over. Leggings rule today! Kids are very quick to say they do not like something, and the confidence to keep wearing certain clothing has to come from them.”

She also observed that unlike past seasons, this season’s trends are a harmonious fit with each other rather than being stand alones. It makes perfect sense, she said, as parents are spending more mindfully these days.

“Mothers are looking to get the most mileage out of their children’s clothing. They want to know that there are multiple ways of wearing each trend. They are also more open to mixing different products and brands, and will invest in key items like denim and finish off the look with the basic high street fashion.”

Here are Linstel’s top four kids’ fashion trends to look out for this season:

Tropical Safari

“This trend is bursting with colours, prints and great fun. It is a simple, wearable trend that is patterned around eye-catching prints like cheetah and leopard tone, palm trees and birds in a million different colours. From playsuits and shorts to pretty summer dresses, the tropical safari trend is a perfect fit to the whole bohemian, festival look.”


“There was a time when parents would balk at dressing their kids in black, white or grey. That time has passed. Monotones are a massive trend now with clean lines of blacks and whites in bold geometric prints. Its understated look means mixing and matching among your brood is a cinch.”

Double denim

“This trend’s keyword is versatility. The usual approach is light denims at the bottom and heavier ones on top but prints have recently entered the fold and are planning to hang around for a while. Havoc Denim’s chambray shorts printed with little dogs, for example, exudes subtle style and casualness.

Pair it with a denim vest or jacket and your kid is ready to go. Its range of printed denims is also pre-shrunk and pre-washed which means you do not have to worry about the colour running when you throw it in the wash. The bonus – each of Havoc Denim’s prints are one of a kind.”

Urban utility and slogans

“The key colour is white and earthy tones which make up the background for the slogans. It was not too long ago that wearing slogans was considered tacky but now even babies are on trend in their slogan onesies. Slogans have made a booming comeback across men, women and children’s wear, and particularly so in utility safari prints.”

Image credit: Havoc Denim

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