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Keeping Up With Fitness In Winter

Sonia Kruger

I am most definitely a summer person. I grew up in the tropic state of Queensland where life was spent frolicking on the beach, playing hours of totem tennis and pool polo, and skipping through the frangipanis. I was fit, sun-kissed, healthy and did not know any different. I was living the dream in that warm climate lifestyle.

Fast forward 30 years and I have been fortunate to find myself residing in the northern suburbs of Sydney, where the weather is for the most part, divine. Summer in Sydney means walking my dog, Fergie, in the early morning and evening. The sun is up early and she is eager to head out. And with more daylight hours, squeezing in a Zumba or Pilates class here or there is not such a challenge.

Unfortunately for all of us summer people, there are three little words that will put the freeze on your fitness plans.

Winter is here.

Fergie and I are much less enthusiastic to venture out when it is cold, wet and windy.

With the colder climate comes far less daylight and motivation. It feels better to spend those extra few hours in a toasty, warm bed as opposed to getting out there and tackling the day. It happens to the best of us. All of a sudden the meals become heartier and we opt for warmth via red wine and open fires. That evening stroll becomes a distant memory.

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I have, however, lived all of my life by the same rules – to enjoy the fine things that life has to offer while remembering that the calories do not just disappear. Keeping active all year round is easier when the sun is shining but is nevertheless imperative for a healthy lifestyle. Once the endorphins kick in after any type of workout, you will ultimately feel more alive and ready to take on the world. I promise you this. The extra hour in bed is not often worth it, when you can be up clearing the mind of its clutter.

There are plenty of options these days to keep fit while keeping out of the cold. I try to do Pilates or yoga on a weekly basis and enjoy taking classes at the Sydney Dance Company. In winter, more than ever, you have to do something that you enjoy. Try to involve a friend or your partner to make it feel social.

And face it; we all like a good excuse to collect a new winter range of active wear, right?


Sonia Kruger is a TV host and presenter.

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