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Julia Roberts

Can someone become a supermodel at 47 years of age? This month, Julia Roberts did just that, as she was unveiled as the Spring/Summer 2015 face of Givenchy.


The style of the campaign is a vastly different direction for America’s sweetheart and also for the Givenchy brand. No hair styling, no make-up and most importantly, no smiling.


According to Givenchy’s Creative Director, Riccardo Tisci, that was all part of the plan.

“Sometimes you shoot someone who’s so popular, you try to make it glam, but I really wanted her the way she arrived: black jacket, men’s shirt, jeans, which is really what we have in common,” Tisci told


“Because your (Roberts) smile is so beautiful and everybody knows you for that, I think it should be no smile,” he added.


Tisci explains that today, the idea of being a celebrity has become so much about how many followers you have, how big you are on Facebook. But for the designer, Julia Roberts represents a pure talent and a pure beauty.


Instead, he wanted an honest direction for the campaign, with a natural talent. Roberts is a powerful woman, she is intelligent, confident, funny, and has sex appeal but at the same time masculinity, which was a perfect synergy with Tisci’s own style.


The pared-back actress/model, looks incredible in the campaign shot by Mert & Marcus, capturing the essence of androgynous chic in tailored men’s style suiting and messy, natural hair.


This is certainly a new look for the wide-grinned star, seen before in campaigns for Lancôme and L’Oréal. Roberts is far from the typical Givenchy girl, but that is exactly why Tisci chose her – that, and his love of Pretty Woman.


Tisci has stitched his name in the fashion industry for defying stereotypes, and his hand-selection of a Hollywood A-lister exemplifies this notion.


“Ten years ago, I couldn’t afford clothes. Now I’m working with Julia Roberts,” said Tisci.




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