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Jet Set Gorgeous

Living in a beautiful country like Australia is fantastic; having to jump on a long haul flight for an international business meeting and looking fresh stepping off the plane, during the meeting and for a client dinner all within a 24 to 48 hour span is the challenge.

Being exposed to dry air on a plane for over 8 hours tests even those of us who have flawless skin.

woman with drive has road tested four luxe jet set skin care kits that will make you walk into your meeting well rested and radiant.


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#1 Malin+Goetz – One Ounce Essentials Bag $44

MalinGoetz (1)

Buy it here:

Malin+Goetz have got their formula down for stressed women in business. Freshen up with the Grapefruit Face Cleanser, and then boost your skin with the Vitamin E Face Moisturiser. In the shower revitalise your body with the Bergamot Body Cleanser and lather on some Vitamin B5 Body Lotion to get those stress levels under control and keep your calm. The Peppermint Shampoo will really wake you up and top it all off with the Cilantro Conditioner to get that shine back into your hair.


#2 Biology – Hydrating Travel Kit $50


Buy it here:

The hydrating travel kit from Biology will aid to get your hydration level up in no time. The entire kit is designed to assist balancing your skins pH levels and replenish valuable lipids. We found the kit to be gentle on already fatigued skin and enjoyed the essential oils which worked their aroma-therapeutic magic to recharge before hitting the ground running again after that long haul flight.


#3 Appelles – Must Have Pack from $69

Appelles (1)
 Buy it here:

Whilst Appelles offers a range of travel kits our top pick is the “Must Have Pack”. With 150ml bottles you are covered for longer business trips without the massive weight of original size product. In addition to a shampoo, conditioner, body wash and body lotion the pack comes with Vitamin B3 Body Buffer and, should you have the luxury of time, Himalayan Baths Salts and Vitamin B3 Bath Caviar. To top it all off a divine Rosemary, Niaouli and Lemon Myrtle Body Bar is also included in the pack, which we popped into our suitcase to keep it all smelling fresh.


#4 Urban Skincare – Cityscape $39.95

urban cityscape

Buy it here:

Urban Skincare offers travel packs across their two ranges, “Cityscape” and “Backstreet”. woman with drive’s pick is the “Cityscape” traveller pack. It is ideal for very short business trips that you are “winging” on hand luggage only as the bottles are only 100ml each. The shampoo, conditioner, body wash and lotion as well as the body bar are all enriched with calcium and magnesium to boost the mineral levels of your skin. The hair products additionally boast Vitamin E where the body products feature coriander oil to help moisturise your skin.

Whichever kit you choose, woman with drive wishes you successful business trip!

We’d love to hear your business trip hacks, so feel free to comment below.


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