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8 Of Australia’s Best Ice Cream Parlours & Gelaterias  


There is the pool or the beach or even air-conditioning. But if you are really serious about cooling down on a beautiful summer’s day, then the only route is one that leads to an ice cream parlour or a gelateria. Fortunately, Australia has no shortage of either.

Here are woman with drive’s top eight picks of where to go to keep your cool once summer hits its highest notes.


gelato messina
Image credit: Gelato Messina


Gelato Messina in Sydney, Melbourne & The Gold Coast

Gelato Messina burst into Australia more than a decade ago but for as long as there are lines out its doors, it is not going anywhere any time soon. Their quality ingredients and taste test-friendly approach are big draw cards but it is their ingenuous flavours that keep winning them loyal fans. Because there is no turning back after tasting concoctions like Poached Figs in Marsala or Italian Nougat & Tiramisu.


Millers Ice Cream, Margaret River

If Millers Ice Cream tastes creamier than any other you have tasted, it is because the milk comes straight from the family’s own Holstein Friesian cows. Each tub is handmade by third-generation farmers who promise an old-fashioned treat in each churn of award-winning flavours like Cowtown Coffee, Lemon Curd Meringue and Mascarpone & Wild Fig.


Gelocchio, Cairns

When a tourism website like Trip Advisor uses customer ratings to hail an ice cream parlour as the number one in Australia, you do not merely sit up and take notice. You head right over for at least two rounds of Gelocchio’s gelato on a stick. Made with 100% natural ingredients and seasonal fruit, each flavour is incredibly fresh tasting and studded with delicious bits of fresh fruit.


coffee barn
Image credit: Coffee Barn Gelataria


Coffee Barn Gelateria, Yorke Peninsula

Set on 27 acres of historical mining country, the Coffee Barn Gelateria was meant to be a small, family business. But after tasting its mouth-watering gelato, its patrons decided otherwise. Today, the gelateria is a roaring success that serves authentic Italian artisan gelato in a range of seasonal flavours.


Sweet Envy, North Hobart

Alistair Wise and his wife, Teena Kearney, let their imagination go wild to create what is dubbed Tasmania’s “most exciting dessert shop.” Sweet Envy is also renowned for making one of the island’s best ice creams in a range of delightful flavours from the classic hits to innovative combinations.


Nitrogenie, South Bank Brisbane

How would you describe ice cream that is created using the magic of liquid nitrogen? Nitrogenie calls it a “magic wish from an ice cream genie”. Fresh eggs and cream come together to produce the Nitrogenie anglaise to which real food ingredients are added. The result is the “dreamiest, creamiest, purest tasting ice cream” in flavours like Maple Syrup Roasted Macadamia, Lemon Lime & Bitters and Aussie Day Lamington.


Image credit: St. Louis House of Fine Ice Cream and Dessert


St. Louis House of Fine Ice Cream & Dessert, Adelaide

The philosophy at St Louis is simple – all good desserts must start with premium ingredients. And so their decadent ice cream only uses exceptional local produce. The flavours are beautiful yet familiar with a few surprises swirled into the mix every now and then. There is also a thoughtfully created range of dairy free sorbets and low fat yoghurt for those who are watching what they eat.


Pidapipo, Melbourne

The mark of a truly great gelateria is one that is bustling even in the depths of winter. That just about sums up Pidapipo, located in the heart of Melbourne’s Little Italy. After years of studying, experimenting and perfecting recipes, Lisa Valmorbida opened Pidapipo where gelato is handmade using the finest ingredients and presented in the traditional stainless steel tubs. Just the way it is done in Italy.


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