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I am Cayman, hear me roar

womanwithdrive contributor, Nadine Armstrong, is one of Australia’s alarmingly few female road testers. Nadine might be in the minority, but her experience and judgement make her one of the elite road testers in the land. Here she takes a look at the new Porsche Cayman S.

There are shoes – and then there are Louboutins.  There are sports cars – and then there are Porsche cars. Expect something life changing.

The new Cayman reveals a more mature car. It seems more serious. Proportions are more substantial, and the silhouette is more beautiful. It is growing up in a family of rather inspirational siblings, after all.

The luxuriously soft leather sports seats in the Cayman S hug your body like a warm-hearted friend. As soon as you enter, you feel comfortable and safe.

Profound in its beauty, the indisputable joy of the Cayman S lives well beneath the surface. The 3.4-litre flat-six cylinder engine delivers 239kW of power that launches the Cayman S from 0-100km/h in a super quick 5.0 seconds. Despite this astonishing pace, you’ll feel nothing but confident and composed behind the wheel.

Offering equal parts control and charisma, steering the Cayman S lures the devil inside. You can’t help but be seduced by the contoured leather steering wheel and its razor sharp handling. Energetic and engaging, there is a clear sense of partnership between you and the car from behind the wheel.

With a chic, sporty interior, the Cayman achieves the perfect balance of form and function. It’s beautiful and it works. Controls are clear and intuitive and ergonomics are good; it’s all about the driver.

The PDK gearbox is actually a manual gearbox that works just like an automatic.  Place it in Drive and enjoy spirited and rapid response through sporty gear shifts that make use of every bit of engine power.

And while it’s a strictly two-seater coupe, the load space in the Cayman S is workable. The boot offers a surprising amount of load space – you could fit a couple of carry-on suitcases inside. Equally, the rear luggage space offers a truly usable space. Dare I say, this is the ultimate single mother-of-one family car!

Like the signature red sole of a Louboutin, the distinctive curves of the Cayman S command adoring stares and respectful smiles.  Expect more from your car.


Cayman – 2.7-litre, flat-six cylinder engine; rear-wheel drive, six-speed manual transmission, or optional seven-speed PDK; 202kW of power; 0-100km/h in 5.7 seconds.

Cayman S – 3.4-litre, flat-six cylinder engine; rear-wheel drive, six-speed manual transmission, or optional seven-speed PDK transmission; 239kW of power; 0-100km/h in 5.0 seconds.


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