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Whenever I meet someone new and we go through the usual niceties, I usually get a surprised look when I tell them I am a Clinical Hypnotherapist.

“So, you help people stop smoking?” they say…..

Most people have heard of someone who has used Hypnotherapy to stop smoking but very few people know that it is a powerful modality for the treatment of almost anything, from Depression to eliminating that nasty Sugar Addiction.

Have you ever wondered why you simply do not have the ‘willpower’ to do what you decided to, like not eating chocolate?

You promise yourself that you will not eat chocolate again and on the very next day – you are overwhelmed by an irresistible urge to eat chocolate and so you do!

There is an underlying belief at the subconscious level which is holding you back from achieving your goals – and these beliefs need to be eliminated.

Have you been on diet treadmill…you know the one…go on a diet for that special event or occasion…lose weight…over indulge on all the foods that you previously denied yourself…and subsequently gain all the weight back plus more!

For a client that I saw recently, we discovered that the source of the issue was a subconscious belief that she will always be the “fat chick!”

The belief system underpinning the subconscious behaviours need to be addressed first for permanent change to occur.  You can do this without hypnosis by trying to break old habits and replacing them with new ones that serve you better, but that can take a whole lot of precious time.

To break these habits you will need to stay strong.  Doing something for 21 days to form a habit is a myth; habit formation typically takes longer than that. The best estimate is 66 days.   As long as you continue doing your new healthy behavior consistently, a habit will form[1] and once a new habit has formed, it gets easier with every passing day.


3 Benefits of Hypnotherapy


1.  It’s an enjoyable, gentle and natural way to eliminate destructive patterns without the need for medication.

2.  Access to your sub conscious mind means habits can be broken quickly, as it bypasses the critical faculty of the conscious mind.

3.  It is not a band aid approach as it gets to the source of the issue and eliminates problems at the core.


You can obtain a free copy of Helen’s latest book – The 3 Kick Ass Habits of Slim Chicks at

[1] Lally, P., Van Jaarsveld, C. H. M., Potts, H. W. W., & Wardle, J. (2010). How are habits formed: Modeling habit formation in the real world. European Journal of Social Psychology

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