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How To Travel Like A Pro

how to travel like a pro

Travel, no matter what time of the year, can be hectic especially when you’re headed to a wildly popular holiday or business destination.  Here are woman with drive’s tips to looking and feeling the part of a seasoned traveller.

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Plan and Research

Taking the time to do your research will save you plenty of time when it comes to packing your bags and hitting the road. Take into consideration the sites you would like to see, the restaurants you want to indulge in and the accommodation that will give you the best access to all your preferred activities. Read reviews and tips for honest opinions. This will ensure your trip is well thought out and filled with activities you enjoy with room still left for you to explore and experience the unknown.


Jet Set In Style

Airport style should always be comfortable yet chic. Dress in loose, comfortable pieces to ensure a more enjoyable flight. Pairing luxe lounge pieces with key wardrobe staples like a smart black blazer will instantly turn your look more professional as will adding on different accessories. Luxurious fabrics like cashmere and linen work wonders in striking the perfect balance between comfort and professional style. Also think about what you are wearing beneath your outerwear. Lingerie with no wires will leave you feeling more comfortable throughout your time in the air.



Some people love it, some hate it but packing like a true pro involves rolling, not folding to make the most efficient use of your luggage space. Along with your planning and research, make sure to check the weather at your destination before you pack. Work with a specific colour palette and choose pieces that are versatile for mixing and matching.


Take Care

Keeping hydrated is super important whilst flying. Be sure to drink enough water to nourish the skin and help with jetlag. Be on the safe side by preparing a medicine pack in case you or your family fall ill. Also consider taking a mix of essential oils for getting a better night’s sleep and de-stressing so you do not feel run down on your trip.

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