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How To Effortlessly Nail A Luxe Bohemian Décor Style

Riad Vert Hotel Luxe Bohemian

Not too long ago, the bohemian style lived and thrived in the free-spirited lifestyle of the nineteenth century’s creative minds. These artists, musicians, actors and writers were instinctive and fearless in their self-expression, both in their sense of dress and décor. As such, the bohemian style at the time was interpreted as a motley collection of individual elements that were jammed together and made to fit.

Fast-forward more than a century later and this classic style has come full circle but has now found an unusual style partner in luxury. As unlikely as this coupling may initially seem, the luxe infusion has made the bohemian style far easier to achieve and a lot more relevant.

Intense colour palettes and a bold combination of Moroccan or Mediterranean prints and patterns in distinctly luxurious materials all come together to form the soul of luxe bohemian. The luxury bohemian space is one that follows no modern decorating principles, and stays true to its philosophy of celebrating the daring and the new.



White Shy pastels have no place here. The bohemian signature is strong hues like deep burgundy, dark purple, electric blue, hot pink and sunshine yellow. Paint your wall in one of these colours or hang similarly bold wallpaper on a feature wall. Select upholstery in vibrant colours, opt for brightly hued window treatments and complete the look with colorful accessories to give the room visual intensity.



Combining fabrics is an essential part of creating a complex visual appearance for this style. As the bohemian décor is inspired by Latin America, Africa and India, use ethnic-patterned fabric as much as possible.

Scatter brilliantly patterned Thai or Burmese silk cushions on the couch, chairs and ottomans, and unfurl layered rugs for an urban Bedouin-style living room. The bohemian style celebrates lounging rather than sitting stiffly in chairs so offset your couch with Moroccan-style large pillows on the floor for low-seats. Then go one step further and add a swing chair to the mix.

If you prefer a quieter vibe, then go miminalist with a white bohemian interior. The exquisiteness of such simplicity lies in wood, fur, rich fabrics, plants and a predominantly white room. Fabrics in elegant greys and creamy white are always stylish, and create gorgeous combinations with classy white linens.



You may not have to go full-steam ahead into a complete makeover either. Just add beautiful hanging lanterns and decorative candles in unique candleholders for an instantly different room. Or display colourful, patterned pottery or artwork in silver and gold frames. The Eastern exoticism can also be conjoured up with intricately crocheted bedspreads, faux fur blankets and a delicate beaded glass curtain. The idea is to be unconventional and always delightfully surprising.


Image credit: Riad Vert Hotel Marrakesh


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