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Hotels for Swingers

This article appeared first on the Smith Travel Blog.


Want to know the Top 10 hotels for swingers? Before you jump to any conclusions, we don’t mean that kind of swingers! We mean hotels with swings, so you can get in touch with your wild side and literally swing from the ceiling.


1. Shinta Mani Club, Cambodia
Enjoy your meals indoors or outdoors at the Kroya restaurant at Shinta Mani Club, and have a culinary experience like no other. Why go inside when you can have your meals served to you on luxurious Khmer swings?


2. The Gray, Italy
The lobby at The Gray hotel is a swingers delight. From the moment you walk through the doors, the giant fuschia-coloured swing with red ropes suspending it from the ceiling will be sure to catch your eye. While you wait for your room key, why not go for a little ride?


3. Naladhu, Maldives
Enjoy the swinging scene from the privacy of your own hotel room. At Naladhu resort, guests are treated to in-room swings, so you can swing day or night to your heart’s content. The hotel, set between a lagoon and the sea, also offers beach hammocks for a perfect seaside swinging session.


4. Fontelunga Hotel & Villas, Italy
The swing at Fontelunga Hotel is more of a hanging bench to be fair, with sweeping views of the manicured lawn and flowering pot plants. It’s a lovely perch, certainly worth hopping on to enjoy the hotel’s spectacular views.


5. Kanopi House, Jamaica
For any budding Tarzans, the sky-skimming treetop houses at Kanapoi House will be the perfect jungle escape. Thick-knotted vines cling to the tropical treehouses, so why not walk/swing on the wild side?


6. Coqui Coqui Tulum, Mexico
A male supermodel owns this hotel, so you know you’re in for a stylish stay. Hand-woven hammocks with jungle and sea views make for the perfect place to sit back and sip on a coconut cocktail concoction.


7. Ruschmeyer’s, United States
Enjoy a hip Hamptons holiday at the Ruschmeyer’s luxury camp hotel. This fifties re-vamped estate is a chic camp-style boutique hotel equipped with macramé swinging chairs in the suites.


8. Cocoa Island by Como, Maldives
The perfect getaway for romantic swingers. Milk-white swinging chairs, make for the perfect place to lounge by the beach for holidaying lovebirds. To make getting out of your chair even harder, you can order food to the beach – plucked fresh-from-the-sea.


9. Anantara Kihava Villas, Maldives
As if having your own private pool overlooking stunning blue seas wasn’t lavish enough, Anantara Kihava Villas has upped the luxe-factor with poolside swings, so you can rock back and forth in sheer heaven.


10. Gayana Eco Resort, Malaysia
Perfect for swingers who aren’t afraid of heights, this eco-luxe resort boasts the best views in the jungle. The canopy walk will take you on a stroll around the jungle right from the treetops. For those wanting to monkey-around, the flying fox zip-line will have you racing through the jungle to the forest floor at lightning speed.


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