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There are a growing number of salon style beauty treatments you can perform at home and there are many at-home chemical peels being launched. A peel uses a chemical solution that causes the dead skin to shed and eventually peel off.

The regenerated skin is usually smoother and less wrinkled than the previous skin.  While you can do it yourself, it’s never quite the same as a salon visit. Besides, doing it yourself doesn’t really feel like a treat, and you can miss the expertise of having a skin care professional select the correct treatment for your skin type. In addition, fitting in a visit to the salon is sometimes difficult.

Enter James Vivian – The Travelling Peelsman. James comes to your home or office and sets up his mobile salon. He provides chemical peels plus a range of beauty services including skin needling (a fine needle treatment for wrinkles and acne) and medi-facials.

James did not win the 2012 Australian Beauty Industry Award for Best Customer Care for nothing! He visited the womanwithdrive office and worked in a very noisy and distracting environment but nevertheless managed to create a private sanctuary among the desks and sample boxes.

After a thorough consultation with myself and a womanwithdrive co-writer, James discussed our skin needs and recommended a different facial peel for both of us. He also discussed the post-treatment recovery phase. We liked the way James took a personal approach to each client. We reflected on the differences between having an expert advise us on the most appropriate ingredients for our skin, versus us selecting our own skincare knowing little about the wordy ingredients on the bottle. Or the other option of visiting the cosmetics counter and being sold a product based on a limited brand’s selection. Having a specialist such as James with a Bachelor of Health Science ensures the Porsche Woman gets the best and most personal skin care regime.

You may have seen James at the Aurora Spa Retreat in Melbourne or at Aesop where he managed their Sydney facial treatment space – both positions he held prior to starting The Travelling Peelsman. His business provides services in Melbourne and Sydney.

The Travelling Peelsman is perfect for women with small children who would love a facial peel, but are restricted by taking the children along to the salon. The home-based treatment does not need to be perfectly silent with soothing chimes ringing in the background. James is just as happy to work with you while the kids sit in front of their favourite DVD. And because your eyes are not treated, you keep your eyes open so you can have one on the kids.

The other option is a Skin Soiree where a group of friends get together and make an event out of skin care. This is a popular service for pre-wedding get-togethers fund-raisers and birthday celebrations.

James offers a free consultation.  Treatments range from $120-$600 per visit and last between 30 minutes to two hours.

The womanwithdrive team experienced great results from our peels. We found our skin became softer immediately and had a fresh healthy glow.


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