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The Holiday Survival Guide


The Christmas holiday period can often means you are thrown into spending quality time with family members you may not be particularly fond of. We have enlisted the help of woman with drive contributor, Helen Mitas, to help survive this sticky situation.


Christmas time in a standard nuclear family is hard enough but in a blended family it takes on a whole new meaning.  Apart from the usual stress, there are timetables with ex-wives and ex-husbands to negotiate as well as extended family.


So, what can you do to survive the day when unfavourable family members are around?



The “I’m going to Anaesthetise Myself” Strategy

No surprises here, self medication with alcohol to cope with any stressful situation will only end in tears.  Next year is only going to be much more uncomfortable. It also negates the ability for a quick get away should things get really ordinary.


The “I’m so popular / busy that I can’t get away from my Phone or iPad” Strategy

Even though you may be despising every moment, knowing that you will never get this time back, burying your face into your phone with thumbs working furiously will only lead to increased negativity from those around you.  Be in the moment and treat it like a business meeting at work.  You don’t need to love it, you just need to engage.



The “Suck it up Princess” or “Put on Your Big Girls Panties” Strategy

Remind yourself that this is just 1 day out of 365.  You are above any feelings of negativity and are strong enough to put them to one side for at least a few hours.

Make the most of it. Find someone you do like (even a little bit) and stick with them for as much time as possible.


The “Make Yourself Useful” Strategy

Give a helping hand to the hosts with serving food and cleaning up which limits the time you spend talking with people you have no interest in.


The ‘Going Away’ Strategy

Book a holiday so that you are not able to attend the party.  Your guests will totally understand your absence. This is a strategy that you will find empowering as you are in control of your day and you have decided to spend it with people you care for, on your terms.


The ‘Tender Disregard’ Strategy

This simple, yet powerful strategy has changed my life and when I teach it to my clients, they absolutely love it, especially for over controlling in-laws. This strategy is about responding to comments you would normally regard as ‘hurtful’ or ‘annoying’ by ‘disregarding them in a tender way’.


About Helen Mitas

Helen is Australia’s leading mindset strategist, Hypnotherapist, speaker, author and Founder of Hypnofit.

For more information visit Or to purchase a copy of her latest book, “Mindset Dominance” visit:


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