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High Maintenance

We have road tested many beauty treatments at woman with drive and while many start off brilliantly; over time they can become a burden. We decided to road test three very popular treatments and look at the long-term maintenance required.


Eye Lash Extensions

Full and fluttering eyelashes make a huge difference to your eyes. They give you a youthful appearance and it’s convenient not to need mascara every morning. But after a week you’ll find them falling out a little at a time. After about two weeks you might have a patchy look to your lashes and you really need to get refills in week three. If you don’t mind visiting the salon every three weeks, lash extensions are for you. However if you are time poor, then getting refills can become demanding. If you decide to stop refilling, it can take about two months to get your natural lashes back to their pre-extension thickness.

TIP: Book in for refills every three weeks and stick to your appointment.


Tape Hair Extensions

The feeling of thick lustrous hair is wonderful and when you leave the salon with a full set of hair extensions, you’re on top of the world. However after about a month, and especially if you sleep on your side, the tape starts to fold over. This means the tape starts to stick out and becomes visible through your natural hair. Not a nice look! Although in theory you can use your straightener on a low setting to iron the tape back straight, in practice it doesn’t work every time and the glue heats up and becomes sticky. It is recommended to take the extensions out every three months, but from our experience, you need to do this far more frequently.

TIP: Insist with your hairdresser that you get your extensions taken out and re-fitted every six weeks when you get a haircut.


Acrylic/Gel Nails

A godsend for nail biters or those with weak nails as acrylics make you instantly look like a hand model. Combined with shellac nail polish, you can have perfect nails for weeks. However as the nails grow, you will see the tell tale sign of gels – the cuticle gap. So like lash extensions, you need to commit to getting refills every three weeks.

But the real high maintenance kicks in when you want to remove the acrylic completely. As your natural nails may not have seen the light of day for months (or in some cases years), they are weak and sensitive when the acrylic is taken off. It will take you a full nail cycle to have them back to normal – so about three months.

TIP: Give your nails a rest from acrylics (and shellac) every six months.

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