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High Flyers

Chartering a private jet may now be easier than you think.  With the growing number of empty leg flights, it might just be possible to afford that upgrade most of us dream of.


Private jets fly around the world every day picking up A-list clientele along the way. But when a private jet is booked to carry passengers from London to Paris for example, and is then scheduled from Barcelona to Berlin, the plane is empty along the way – and that is where the savings come in.


Empty leg flights often go unsold, so private carriers regularly resort to heavily discounting these flights.  These can often lead to a 75 per cent reduction in the cost of the plane ticket.  Yes, this means you can pay less than the carriers A-list clientele!


We will remind you that while flying private is far more convenient, comfortable and fast – you only need to check in 15 minutes before your flight – the tickets are still far more expensive than a regular flight.  For example, according to Luxury Escapes, a ticket on an exclusive eight-seater Learjet plane from New York to Fort Lauderdale is typically US$22,740.  But if you secure a seat on an empty leg flight this dramatically drops to an amazing US$10,300.


Mobile apps and websites are starting to monopolise on this new marketplace.  Apps like JetSmarter, allow customers access to more private and empty leg flights around the world.  The app scans the world to offer wholesale prices on private charter flights each month.


For seasoned travellers, you can join JetSmarter’s membership loyalty program for US$6,999 per annum and take advantage of more private flights, more often.


Customers don’t just have to rely on their mobile phone to book tickets on private flights, PrivateFly enables high flyers to book directly from the website up to 90 minutes before a flight.  All types of planes are available on PrivateFly from executive jets to commercial airlines.


Here are some useful tips for booking a private flight: be flexible and willing to fly at the last minute, and try to fly in small groups so the ticket price remains as low as possible.


Thanks to empty leg flights, becoming a high flyer is now a reality.  The only real issue you may face is when you head to the airport for the return flight home.  Empty leg flights rarely apply to return legs.  So you will need to arrange an alternative option for the leg home.


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