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Hair Trends

Nadine Bonello is a hairdresser of 20 years, and the behind the scenes stylist for Kevin Murphy this Melbourne Spring Fashion Week. woman with drive asked Nadine for the emerging trends this spring/summer.



Ombre is over – it’s time to move on. This season it’s all about pastels – mint, peach, lilac, pink and blue. Pastel inspiration is everywhere from the catwalks to interior design. Our first looks at Melbourne Spring Fashion week collections confirm that pastels are right on trend.


You can create pastel dips if you have long hair or highlights if your hair is shorter. If you have light hair (best if it’s pre-lightened), ask your hairdresser for a Fabuloso treatment as a highlight. Pastel colour is infused into your hair giving it a reflect tone.


As with everything, less is more. Unless you’re really trying to make a bold statement, go for a subtle approach to pastels. If you have fair skin, then pinks and peaches will work well, for olive skin try baby blues and mints, and for redheads go light caramel.


If you don’t want to commit to a permanent colour, try Kevin Murphy’s Colour Bugs and place a few pastel streaks from root to tip.


For the best maintenance of your pastels, ask your hairdresser to create a Fabuloso Prescriptive mix. This is a custom made product that you wash into your hair to maintain the reflective and subtle pastel colour.



For those with less than perfect hair, this season will be a godsend, especially if you have kinks and curls in your hair that are a tad unruly. Look carefully at high fashion advertisements in the glossy magazines and the look is there – soft, wavy, unstructured and relaxed. But as always – to get the look right, you need to do some work.


The trick is to let your hair dry naturally, perhaps even placing mid and longer length hair into a rough bun as it dries. Then hang your head upside down and dry your hair by softly scrunching it.


Once you tip your head back up, you can use your wand to create some random curls and bends.


The most important part of creating this season’s style is the product. You can place Kevin Murthy Body Builder into wet hair if your hair is thinner than you like, and then use Kevin Murphy Resort Spray to finish.


For red carpet glamour, all you need to do is polish up the look. So make your look more tailored with an up-do. Think “just stepped off the yacht’.




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