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Give Your Baby The Royal Treatment


What do you give a baby who has everything?


When Princess Charlotte arrived on May 2 she was welcomed with gifts ranging from a jewel encrusted baby rattle to more regular baby items like a merino wool baby blanket embroidered with gold and green wattles from Australia.


For the rest of us who rightfully treat every baby in our families like royalty, here is a range of gorgeous gifts that could well be a fabulous substitute for a crown.


(Image credit: Bambizi)


One of the first few essentials for a newborn is a cot and Bambizi’s Windsor Oak Cot Bed should be a top choice. This majestic handcrafted piece will start its life as a cot, move on to become a toddler’s bed and spend the rest of its years as an elegant sofa bed. Or dial it up a few notches and lay your child in Suommo’s Dodo Gold Bassinet (main image).


Such masterpieces can only be paired with most luxurious bedding and Suommo’s Cashmere Care line is a perfect match. Made from vicuna wool, one of the most expensive and exclusive fabrics in the world, it will cocoon your little one in the most magical dreams. Add the Eiderdown Heirloom Silk Pillow as a finishing touch.


(Image credit: Tiffany & Co.)


For precious keepsakes like the first tooth, lock of hair and even fingernail, you cannot do better than Tiffany & Co’s gorgeous Scroll Oval Box adorned with Montana sapphires. Another luxury keepsake is the personalised diamond pacifier featuring 3 carats worth of pave diamonds set in 18K white gold.


Introduce your little one to the world in this sleek Versace patent modular stroller that also doubles up as a bassinet and car seat. Pop in this sterling oval rattle ring by Ralph Lauren to keep him or her entertained.


When your baby is ready for a taste of solid food, bring out these beautiful silver plated spoons from Christofle. The delicate animal carvings will ease any wistfulness over your child growing up too fast.


(Image Credit: Diamond Bathtub)


And if you really want to go all out, then this Swarovski baby tub will fit the bill nicely. Each one is custom made and covered with hand applied Swarovksi crystals.


How do you treat your baby like royalty? Tell us in the comment section below!


Image credit: Suommo

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