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Four Interior Design Tips The Pros Want You To Know

Dark Paint

The most beautifully designed rooms do not exude just cleverness and creativity but also good old common sense. There is always a reason, beyond mere aesthetics, that a wall is splashed in a particular colour or a piece of furniture is sitting in an unexpected space.

While the list of interior design tips and tricks is an ever-growing one, it is often the small changes that make the biggest difference in the long run. woman with drive has gleaned four small but significant insights from these top Australian interior designers that will help take the style and longevity of your living space just that little bit further.

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Who: Shaynna Blaze 

Wants You To Know: Outdoor Cushions Should Be Beautiful And Durable


shaynna blaze


“There are three essential factors to consider when selecting outdoor cushions – UV resistance, ease of cleaning and versatility.

An excellent UV resistance rating is vital if you do not want your cushions to fade under the sun’s intense rays. Look for cushions that meet or exceed commercial heavy-duty upholstery ratings to keep your cushions looking summer bright for seasons to come.

In high-traffic outdoor environments, and if your furniture is under direct sunlight or exposed to seasonal elements, choose cushions made from fabric that is bleach cleanable, anti-microbial and anti-fungal. An investment in quality now will pay off with minimal maintenance and longevity in the long term.

Good cushions do not come cheap so invest in pieces that work both indoors and outdoors. A few quality cushions will work harder for you than two-dozen regular cushions ever could.” 


Who: Tara Dennis 

Wants You To Know: The Greatest Design Tool Is Instinct


Tara Dennis


“With all things interior, confidence is key. Your instinct is your greatest tool.

Your approach to design should mirror your approach to say, styling a little black dress. Think simple palette, eclectic details. Using neutrals as your base is foolproof. Your room should be the backdrop to the theatre that happens inside.

Document your room visually; take the images with you when choosing new items for your home and remember instant updates come in a tin! Paint is a visual magic. Beautiful paint applications can bestow charm and convert drab to extraordinary.”


Who: Juliet Love  

Wants You To Know: Dark Colours Do Not Always Make A Room Smaller


dark coloured room


“Dark colours can produce beautifully dramatic spaces that envelop and cocoon. These hues convey depth, richness and opulence, which are perfect for a space with very few architectural details.

Dark colours worth embracing include rich reds, inky blues and punchy purples. Paint a large piece of cardboard and leave it up against the wall for a few days so you can get a feel of the colour in the desired space.

As with any interior, textures are key to stop colours looking flat so introduce layers of contrasting accessories to add texture and variety. And as with all bold schemes, reflective surfaces and bright colours will compliment particularly well.”


Who: Sally Caroline

Wants You To Know: The Art Of Curating Art


Sally Caroline


“My best advice for selecting art is to choose pieces that you respond to emotionally. You appreciation should come from your frame of reference and perspective. Do not be afraid to mix things up – paintings and professional art, with wall sculptures and photography. This could also include beautiful photographs from a special moment or art that your three-year-old brought home from kinder.

Do not be afraid to mix and match frames of different materials, colours and thickness either. A variety of frames gives texture and an artful inconsistency. Art can quite happily hang together in harmoniously curated but very different frames.

Strive however to create a visual hierarchy in your curation. Hang a few large and visually bold pieces that demand attention alongside more subtle ones that only draw in a viewer’s eye after some time.”


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