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Four Gorgeous Winter Soups To Keep You Warm

The Hungry Australian

The temperature outside is steadily dropping and that can only mean one thing – it is time to crank up the heat indoors. For some, that means turning up the thermostat. For others, it means turning on the stove for a pot of soup.

Of all the winter warmers, a hearty soup comes out way ahead in terms of filling our insides with comfort, nourishment and sustenance. And then, there is also the great ease in which it can be pulled together. Throw a handful of ingredients into a pot of water, generously season it, leave to simmer for a few hours and ladle the resulting broth into a deep bowl.

Soup is beautiful in its simplicity but can be stunning when given a little more attention, whether it is adding an unusual herb, spice or ingredient. Make a big batch on a lazy weekend so you have something luscious to look forward to on a frigid weeknight. So here are woman with drive’s top picks of classic winter soups from four well-known Australian food bloggers.

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First up is a white enchilada soup with chicken by Nagi Maehashi of Recipe Tin Eats because who does not derive pleasure from chicken soup? Nagi describes her heavenly creation as chowder with a slight tang and promises it can be made from scratch in less than 30 minutes.

Aside from the chicken, the two other stars are the jalepenos and green chilli. Yes, that is the kind of warmth this soup holds. And if you adore toppings, then it will be a firm favourite. In fact, Nagi insists that toppings are not optional and should be generously piled on!

Lorraine Elliot of Not Quite Nigella, meanwhile, has spun broccoli and baby spinach into a divinely thick soup, which she then sprinkled with blue cheese and crunchy roasted walnuts. This is a soup with surprising heft thanks to the broccoli. Serving it with warm crusty chunks of bread puts dinner on the table.

Cauliflower has a love-hate relationship with many people but if you fall into the love category then this soup will delight you. Christina Soong of The Hungry Australian offers two ways of cooking her cauliflower, leeks and chorizo soup – fry the chorizo with the leeks to flavour the soup or fry the chorizo separately so it crisps and can be used as garnishing.

And finally, if you have a slow-cooker, give this classic ham and pea soup from Sneh Roy of Cook Republic a whirl. Sneh tossed all eight ingredients in her slow-cooker, forgot about it for the next eight hours and came back to a hearty broth beautifully infused with the slow meltdown of flavours. Could one ask for anything easier?

With just a week to go before winter officially sweeps in, this weekend would be a good time to pull out that soup pot and simmer up a storm.


Image credit: The Hungry Australian


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