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Five Ways To Add Luxury To Your Business


When we think of luxury brands, we think of the promised quality that comes with expert craftsmanship, the finest materials, meticulous attention to detail and the highest level of customer service. Of those four, it is the level of customer service that will shape and seal a brand’s reputation.

Customers are a business’ most important investment and best marketing tool so it is essential that the brand experience is of the highest standard from start to end. Luxury brands fully understand this and every other business can benefit from following their lead. And it does not have to be complicated. As Estee Lauder’s founder, Aerin Lauder, said, “Luxury is anything that feels special.”

Here are four easy ways to add a touch of luxury to your business today.


Tip 1: Greet your clients like royalty

Introduce the luxury treatment at the very start of the customer experience whether it is a warm greeting on the phone or as they enter your business premises. Then make sure that the following step – be it a purchase, a membership or even signing up for your newsletter – involves a process that is simple and professional.

In my lifestyle concierge service, for example, all new members are welcomed with an introductory greeting that explains our services after which they receive a follow-up call from their personal Lifestyle Manager.

Whether we realise it or not, we all continuously seek outstanding customer service in both our personal and professional lives, and when we do encounter such experiences, we share those stories and help build those brands.


Tip 2: Shape your staff into brand ambassadors

Your staff are your most valuable asset so empower them to be powerful brand ambassadors too. Work with them to build their personal connections to your brand so that they have a clear understanding of how to turn its aspirations into reality.

Meet regularly as a team to discuss customer enquiries, new clients, new suppliers and new information. This way everyone is kept updated on the achievements and challenges in the business. My team also has a forum where we share new ideas, upcoming blog topics and social media campaigns.


Tip 3: Listen to your customers

It is amazing how much you can learn about your customers when you pay full attention to what they are saying. Asking your customers the right questions is crucial in ensuring you are providing them exactly what they need and getting it right the first time.

When new staff joins us, for instance, we run through previous customer requests to give them an idea of the questions they need to ask in order to compile a thorough brief of their respective customers.


Tip 4: Position your brand as a “way of life”

Being perceived as a “way of life’ or an aspired lifestyle is the ultimate characteristic of a true luxury brand. But this is only possible if that lifestyle is authentic and consistent with the brand’s values. Once your product or service achieves this perception, your business will have a firm foothold in your customers’ lives.


Tip 5: Offer exclusivity

Luxury and exclusivity go hand-in-hand so try to secure exclusive experiences for loyal customers or members. Creating memorable experiences that are connected to your brand will make them feel valued and will make your business unforgettable. This is also a key way of building and maintaining customer loyalty.


Mandi Ford is the Director of ES Lifestyle Concierge Services which assists clients with daily personal and business tasks that they do not have the time or the expertise to execute.

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