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Five Star Father’s Day

As Father’s Day approaches we all have to think of something to give the family member who’s always the hardest to find gifts for. womanwithdrive has found six ideas that will delight even the most discerning Dads.


Makr iPad Attaché Case

First it seemed that everybody was buying iPads, then iPad cases were everywhere you looked. The obvious next step is the iPad attaché case. Gone is the need for carrying a portfolio and iPad case separately, or having the iPad case bounce around in the briefcase. The designs of Makr are typically understated yet chic, and their iPad case is no exception. Priced at $260. Visit – delivery is seven working days.


Pure Internet Radio

This radio can do it all. It’s a standard FM receiver as well as an internet radio, capable of picking up 20,000 stations from around the world. It will wirelessly stream Dad’s music from his laptop, desktop or phone and it can easily moved from room to room around the house. Bet it ends up spending most of its time in the garage.

Pure Evoke Internet radio $400 – 


Denon Headphones 

Noise-cancelling headphones are an amazing piece of modern innovation, especially for those who travel. Denon’s Globe Cruiser headphones are as good as anything comparable on the market, but made with an eye for style that’s not seen in other brands. These headphones are Bluetooth enabled so perfect for relaxing while travelling. Buy from Addicted to Audio for $599 (Melbourne) link is here. or Digital Cinema  for $599 (sydney) Link is here.


Bill Amberg Games Compendium

Bill Amberg provides luxury leather goods to the gentry focussing on riding and hunting accessories. A few products are made for indoors and his games compendium falls into this category. Bound in bridle leather and made with fine workmanship, the compendium includes backgammon, chess, draughts and naughts and crosses. Just the thing for relaxing after bagging a few partridges.

Bill Amberg Travel Games Compendium approx $1000 – Devliver 5-7 working days.


Mulberry Brynmore Laptop Bag

The world’s luxury manufacturers of leather goods have caught on to the market for laptop bags and cases. One such manufacturer, Mulberry, designs are original and their Brynmore laptop carry bag is beautifully finished. It includes internal padded storage suitable for a MacBook Pro, as well as compartments for chargers and leads. Available from Mulberry in Westfield Centre Sydney for $1500.00.


Llewelyn Backgammon

Where beautiful and unique games are concerned, the world leader is Alexandra Llewelyn. Her backgammon board designs are quirky and elegant, including nudes, peacock feathers, palms and antlers, and housed in attractively polished woods.

Alexandra Llewelyn Backgammon set $3600 – Delivery is seven working days.


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