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Five Essentials For New Mothers

Sonia Kruger talks about the five essentials for new mothers

My beautiful little Maggie is just six months old but already I have a house bursting at the seams with baby stuff! How did our parents ever survive without an electric steriliser and a swaddle sleep suit? While we can definitely live without a lot of this baby paraphernalia there are a few things that will make your life a whole lot easier.  So here is my list of the five essentials for new mothers.

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1. Baby Love by Robin Barker

All my girlfriends recommended this book to me. In fact, two of them even bought it for me. It is chock full of practical advice from former midwife Robin Barker and covers just about every conceivable (see what I did there?) situation you might encounter in your baby’s first year. Keep it on your bedside table for quick reference during those late night feeds.


2. Britax E-Brake Pram

There are so many amazing prams to choose from but for safety purposes, the Britax E-Brake is leading the pack. It is the world’s first stroller with an electronic braking system, which means the brake automatically activates when you are not holding the handle. This system prevents runaway strollers and potential accidents. Completely worth it for peace of mind alone. Did I mention it also drives like a Porsche? Bonus points there!


3. Stan

It is the middle of the night. You are up feeding your baby and you feel as if you are the only person awake in the country. Let me introduce you to your new best friend, Stan. Subscription video on demand is a godsend for mums who love their TV because let’s face it, normal programming at 2.30am is hardly champagne television. You can watch Better Call Saul, Fargo or even Masters of Sex – at the very least it will bring back memories!


4. Purebaby Organic Baby Clothes

Babies go through clothes more often than you have had hot dinners. You will find yourself constantly putting on a clean outfit only to pull it off when it is covered in baby spit a few moments later. Comfort is key and Pure Baby has a beautiful range of soft, cuddly clothes that are a joy to dress your baby in. Just a tip – pants with feet are a much better option than trying to keep miniature socks on those tiny feet.


5. An iPhone

There are a multitude of iPhone apps that will help you get organised and keep track of everything from feeding times to vaccination dates. One of my favourites is ‘Eat Sleep’, which tracks your baby’s eating, sleeping and nappy changes!

More importantly, you need to keep your phone handy so you can take a picture – or 30 – of your beautiful baby’s first smile. And if you are anything like me, you will never ever get tired of looking at that smile.


Sonia Kruger is a TV host and presenter.

Image credit: Channel 9

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