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Festive Decor Tips From A Top Australian Illustrator

festive decor

Kerrie Hess is an instantly recognisable name among those with a taste for luxury, classic style.

The world-celebrated illustrator, who is just as renowned for her love of décor as she is for her beautiful prints, said she inherited her obsession for decorating from her interior designer mother. And right now she is obsessed with pink and gold.

“I have been bringing gold leaves into my original canvases, which gives a really dramatic and beautiful effect in the light,” Kerrie said in an interview with woman with drive. “And I am redecorating my office in pink and gold too.”

With almost two decades of design expertise under her belt, who else better to ask for a snap guide to Christmas décor that falls perfect on the side of festive rather than tacky?

Here are Kerrie’s tips to making your home softly sparkle this Christmas.

kerrie hess

Have little pops of metallic around your home. I have a little gallery wall with a selection of prints and illustrations in gold frames. Add gold or silver vases to a coffee table or pair glasses and flutes with a touch of gold with simple white napery for your Christmas table.

Keep to your colour theme in your gift-wrapping. Wrapping gifts in white, silver or cream, for instance, looks lovely especially if the gifts will be out for a while. Stick with those same colours in any other festive elements around the house.

Use just two tones on a green tree to keep it simple and chic. Red and silver or silver and gold are beautiful combinations.

A white wreath with silver or gold trim is always a lovely way to add some charm to a front door for its classic simplicity.

Try a white tree instead of a green one especially if much of your existing décor is also white. It will blend in seamlessly and will also make the ornaments stand out as the main element rather than the tree itself.

For an elegant Christmas table, choose plain white napkins with black trim and a centerpiece of white flowers and candles.

Sprinkle a few special pieces in your set of matching ornaments. This will keep the theme from looking mismatched whilst allowing the special pieces to have the attention they deserve.

Often less is more and when in doubt, stick with silver. You cannot go wrong with that colour!


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