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Eight Power Foods For Busy Women

Power Food

We all have days where it is impossible to tell where one hour ends and the next begins. As meetings carry on and emails stream in, our energy and focus steadily decline and our mind grows foggy from overwhelm and overload.

When this happens, most of us resort to loading up on caffeine and sugary treats but this only causes our energy level to fluctuating wildly. Instead, what we should be plying our body with are these eight power foods.

The next time you face a frantic workday, arm yourself with these snacks to recharge your mental batteries and keep your energy on an even keel until sundown.

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Pumpkin seeds. One handful contains the recommended daily levels of zinc for enhancing your memory and concentration. The seeds’ magnesium content, meanwhile, will keep your energy and metabolism fired up.

Oily fish. Whether it is salmon, tuna or mackerel, the omega-3 content in these types of fish will help build mylin, a fatty substance that helps with concentration. Not a big seafood fan? Take a fish oil supplement every morning instead.

Quinoa. If you are not already a fan of this gluten-free grain, you will be after this. The high content of protein and carbohydrates in quinoa are known to raise energy levels and keep them up there for a good few hours.

Blueberries. These tiny berries are a super food that supports the nervous system and brain function, combats memory loss and enhances your mood. Fresh is always better but frozen will also do the trick.

Chickpeas. A small tub of hummus paired with carrot or celery sticks are more than just a healthy snack. The magnesium in the chickpeas will help relax your blood vessels and increase the flow of blood and oxygen to the brain. The vegetables are a bonus.

Goji Berries. Reputed to be powerful antioxidants goji berries contain beta-carotene that produces vitamin A, which in turn prevents energy deficiency. Its complex carbohydrates raise blood sugar slowly so you will not experience a sugar crash afterwards. So go ahead and generously sprinkle these berries over your museli orsalad or mix them with dark chocolate and raw nuts for a delicious trail mix.

Eggs. Wake up earlier to cook eggs for breakfast and you will reap the rewards during that third morning meeting. Eggs yolks are rich in vitamin B, which converts food into energy. It also contains phenylalanine, a molecule used to make dopamine, which is a big driver of motivation and enthusiasm.

Honey. Steering clear of sugary drinks does not mean depriving yourself of sweetness. Stir some honey into a cup of black tea or drizzle it on a snack. You will feel perkier but because honey has a low glycemic index, your energy will not nosedive soon after.


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