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Dress To Flatter Your Body Shape

Body Shape

We all have that one outfit that we love wearing for the powerful shot of confidence it delivers every single time. Perhaps it is a wrap dress that makes our waistline look trimmer or a pair of jeans that accentuates the right curves. Chances are, that special piece not only flatters our body shape but enhances our best assets too.

So why is it that most of us will only have one such piece in our entire wardrobe?

Clothes that compliment our body shape significantly improve our appearance and how good we feel about ourselves. But in order to wear the right clothes, we need to first know our body shape.

Women’s bodies take one of four main shapes – the hourglass, the triangle, the inverted triangle and the rectangle. Here is how to recognise which one belongs to you and how to dress for it.

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The Hourglass

Curvaceous with a well-defined waistline e.g. Jennifer Lopez or Beyoncé. Aim to enhance these two features.

Shapeless and boxy jackets or tops that cover up instead of enhance your beautiful waistline.
Straight shift dresses that do nothing for your shape.

Belts to cinch in and show off your waist wherever possible!
Dresses and jackets with a seam, belt or peplum at the waistline. A wrap dress is always a good idea. Remember Marilyn Monroe in that white halter dress?
Pencil skirts that perfectly compliment a beautiful curvy shape.

Stay on trend this season with: A fabulous pair of wide leg pants. Choose a high waisted style to draw attention to your narrowest point – your waist.


The Triangle

Bottom heavy or pear-shaped e.g. Kim Kardashian and Rihanna. This shape is actually less common than most women believe. Aim to highlight your great waistline and upper body.

Pants with bright or bold patterns or prints.
Mini skirts or pencil skirts that emphasise the thighs and knees.
Light denim jeans with multiple zips and pockets.

Tops in bright colours or with prints, patterns, ruffles and beautiful detailing.
Darker denim with minimal detailing.

Stay on trend this season with: A beautiful lace shirt, a cold shoulder top or ruffled top – all huge trends this Winter.


The Inverted Triangle

Top heavy with broad shoulders e.g. Cameron Diaz and Elle Macpherson. Aim to balance the top and bottom halves of your body.

Anything that will emphasise the upper body like ruffles on shirts, shoulder pads on jackets, big vests and bulky knit jumpers.

Pieces that highlight your great bottom half like a pair of skinny jeans or an A-line skirt.
Tops with little or no prints or patterns.

Stay on trend this season with:
A pair of printed pants or leather pants.


The Rectangle

Boyish with no defined waist and evenly proportioned from the shoulders to the hips e.g. Gwyneth Paltrow and Nicole Kidman.

Short skirts and low rise jeans that create the illusion of an uneven body shape.
Long (knee-length and below) cardigans or vests.

Belts to create the illusion of a waistline.
Layers to create drama and visual interest of your shape and outfit.

Stay on trend this season with: A great shirt dress that is chic, stylish and perfect for a rectangle shape.


Christine Maikuosis Style You ChicChristine Maikousis is a certified personal stylist and the director of Style You Chic. She believes that confidence is greatly influenced by one’s appearance and has made it her mission to guide women towards discovering a style that works beautifully for each one of them. Christine can be contacted here.



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