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How to Dress Thinner in Clothes

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Much to our surprise dressing in head-to-toe black isn’t the only way to create a slimmer figure.  Here are five great tips to dress thinner in your clothes.


#1 Streamline with Color

Prints need to be used wisely, and a strategically placed colour panel print can do wonders.  Let’s say your issue is with your hips for example, and you therefore want to detract attention from this area.  A bright coloured knee-length dress with contrasting coloured patterns down the side of your body from bust to waist will give the illusion of a smaller waistline and cinch in your mid-section.


#2 Step into Perfect Pants

To elongate a voluptuous figure, opt for neutral pants with lots of stretch.  Seams down the front of pants make your legs look slimmer and longer.  Pair with a tailored top with vertical detail to further lengthen the body and draw attention to your face rather than thighs.


#3 Choose a Structured Dress

Unless you are blessed with rock hard abs, you probably have the constant battle of trying to hide that little bit of extra skin that lies underneath our clothing.  There’s no need to hide away under a tent, an A-line dress will add more volume to your bottom half, while a fitted dress with a pencil skirt that starts just above your natural waistline slims the stomach and enhances all the right areas.


#4 Divide and Conquer

Don’t be afraid to dress for comfort, but don’t for a second think that means you have to look drab.  The difference comes down to cut and strategic use of color.  An asymmetrical dress is modern and stylish and won’t hide your frame underneath.  Find a dress that is a mix of two colours, one side light and one side dark. Your eye will naturally be drawn to the lighter side of the dress, which brings the attention to the face and neck, while the darker side helps create a slimmer illusion.


#5 Mix Similar Patterns

Our final slimming tip is to make separates sexy with patterns.  Patterns can work in your favour when you select ones that compliment each other. A bright top with a bold, vertical lined pattern creates a leaner looking upper body.  Pair this with a skirt that has a complimentary pattern in a similar but smaller version.  By combining patterns this creates a visual funnel and makes the body look narrower.  Make sure one pattern is larger than the other so they don’t compete and look busy.



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