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Dining Solo In Australia

Solo Dining Eenmaal

In Amsterdam, there is Eenmaal, a restaurant that caters exclusively to solo diners. Over in Tokyo, there is Moomin House Café, which seats solo diners opposite a moomin (a fairy tale character in a Swedish comic strip) plush toy for companionship. And just last year, online reservation site Dimmi reported a spike of 59 percent in solo bookings over the previous 12 months.

Yes, solitary dining is a booming trend. And no, that does not make it easier to reserve a table for one.

But what if we were on business in a vibrant city and our dinner plans fell through at the 11th hour? Room service is a poor substitute, especially if we have been looking forward to a good meal and an evening out.

Well, if we were in Australia, it would not be too difficult to find a restaurant that would accommodate our solo status. Most restaurants have fast caught on to the solo dining phenomenon, and are designing both décor and cuisine for this niche group.

Here are woman with drive’s five top picks for a solo dining experience in Australia.


The Butler Potts Point, Sydney

The newest addition to the upmarket Potts Points earns top marks for including solo diners in its online reservation system and seating plan. Solo diners are given a choice of a quiet spot or a more communal setting. The restaurant keeps half of its tables for walk-ins and promises swift service to businesspeople who pop in for a quick bite alone.


Cumulus Inc, Melbourne

Smack in the heart of Melbourne’s vibrant art and fashion district, Cumulus Inc has no shortage of solo diners. There are the creatives with laptops and sketchpads, and solo travellers staying at the surrounding hotels. Let the chef know if you are in the mood for grazing and they will reduce the serving sizes so you can sample a wider range.


Montrachet, Brisbane

A classy, unpretentious restaurant with a seasonal French menu and an extensive French wine list. The marble-topped bar is a perfect perch to chat with other diners or the staff, or to just quietly relish the top-notch French cuisine.


Aubergine, Canberra

Aubergine’s intimate setting cocoons solo diners in private spaces that almost seemed carved out for them. Its owner, Ben Willis, is known to give any solo diners a table on a Friday night as a nod of appreciation of them heading out alone and walking though his doors. And the table is always the most comfortable and private in the restaurant.


est, Sydney

When a restaurant boasts at least 15 regular solo diners, you know it really get this trend. At est. solo diners take priority and are frequently fast-tracked through the queues and given personalised service. This just makes dining in such a grand establishment even grander.


Image credit: Eenmaal

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