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Decluttering For The New Year

The Daily Edited

The art of decluttering can be pinned down to three key elements – what to keep, what to sell and what to give. Decluttering your life and mind will leave you and your family with less stress and more time to enjoy life. Here are woman with drive’s top tips on clearing that clutter in the new year.


Your Desk

Keeping up with the fast pace of life often leaves our desks neglected. Sort through all your notes, documents and finances over the past year and decide what can be binned. What to sell? Then look at your workbags and decide what needs to be replaced. The Daily Edited showcases an edited desk-life beautifully with a carry-all work tote and 2016 diary for ultimate organisation in the New Year. Personal monogramming is also available for each item.


Your Home

When it comes to the home it is all about storage. But before you get started on storage solutions, sort through the items – from clothing and jewellery to the kids toys – and determine which should be kept, sold and given away. Getting the kids involved is definitely a great way to teach them about organisation and taking responsibility for their possessions.


Your Life

Decluttering not only refers to material things but also how you live your life. Which relationships are serving you and which are dragging you down? Who are you keeping in your life and why? Who we choose to give our time to is significant because time, after all, is the most important currency so make sure yours is spent wisely.


Image credit: The Daily Edited

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