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Dance Your Way Into Shape

By Sonia Kruger

I began dancing at the tender age of four years old and haven’t been able to stop since.  It is terrific to be able to do something you truly love, I tried all different dance styles which led me to an opportunity in the movie Strictly Ballroom and later on, co-hosting Dancing with the Stars on television.  I never expected my interest in dance would start a new career in television.


I’ve always loved Ballroom and Latin American dancing, the whole theatrics around it is fabulous too, the sequins, the glitter, dramatic make-up, and feathers, and yes I wore fruit.    It’s such good fun and of course you really get in to the music and tune out to everything else, except your partner of course.


Dance is still a very important part of my fitness regime.  Exercise needs to be fun, it’s how I have managed to maintain fitness and more importantly want to around a hectic schedule.  So I thought I’d share some fun ways to keep a healthy body and mind.  I have also focused on the activities that require core strength, which is important to long-term health as it stabilizes everything.


It doesn’t matter what your skill level or fitness is, just join a class you like the sound of and it will bring a smile to your face.  It’s something you can do with friends or fly solo.



One of my favourites has to be Zumba, this international sensation combines Latin and international dance into a fun workout.  The music is so motivating; it’s great for the soul.  You sweat it out and laugh, both things we need to do more of.  Ideally I’d like to be doing about three of these classes a week. You go through the short-term muscular pain to get the long-term benefits.  I go to Sydney Dance Academy but you’ll find classes across Australia.


When starting out, just get stuck in, everyone is there to enjoy the class and most of the time are fixated on the instructor, so no-one will see your unique moves.



Ballroom and Latin American:

If you’d like to fulfill your dreams of salsa-ing around the dance floor with a Latin man, then this is the class for you!  This is also a great way for you to get your husband/partner to learn a few moves so he doesn’t embarrass you at the next party, or to simply pick up a few hot new moves.


This type of dance really loosens up the body, which is really important, we get so stressed day to day and don’t realise how tense we get.   So let the man take the lead and enjoy the journey.


There are plenty of local studios where you can learn a number of different Ballroom or Latin American dances.












No Lights No Lycra:

If you struggle to stay in time and think you have no skill or technique, or the idea of Lycra frightens you, then this is the class for you.  There are no teachers, no steps, no lights, no technique required and certainly no Lycra.  You basically just turn up and shake your tail feather.  You don’t have to try and keep in time or follow an instructor, you just dance, shake, be as daggy as you please.


The lights are out, the tunes are a mix of new and old school, no talking and drinking is allowed, simply listen to the music and move to it as you please.  It’s all about cutting loose and being free.


No Lights No Lycra generally goes for an hour with classes starting at 6pm.  As you leave you pay $5 and head off to dinner feeling exhilarated.  This new concept started in Europe and is sweeping the globe.




Aerial Classes:

Ever thought about joining the circus?  Well perhaps now is the time to start training.  Whether you’re an aspiring circus performer or just want to try something a little different, aerial trapeze and acrobatics classes might just be the thing for you.  There’s the flying trapeze, ropes, hoops and tumbling for all circus fantasies.  Even if you just want to go to one class and see what this is all about, do it, it is so much fun and you’ll fulfill all your childhood fantasies.







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