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Defying Gravity

Many of us spend time in front of the mirror agonising over every little crease, fold, wrinkle and sag.  Although ‘aging gracefully’ is a lovely prospect for those who emerged from the gene pool of perfection, it’s not so graceful for all of us.


We recently read The Makeup Wakeup by Lois Joy Johnson and Sandy Litner to identify the most common problems associated with aging — and to find out what we can do about them.


1.  A Saggy Neck


The telltale sign of aging is the unforgiving neck.  If you’re not ready to invest in surgery, Botox is great for combatting saggy skin and neck creases.  Multiple injections work to relax the muscles in your neck and remove cords or rings on the skin.  You will however, need several rows of strategically placed injections to achieve this, but the effects will last for up to six months.


2.  The Saggy Brow


Again, if you’re not ready to go under the knife, Botox is your answer.  It actually works – and is more popular than a brow lift (which can often leave you looking permanently startled if overdone).  Botox is not permanent however, so you will need to maintain this with regular injections – about every couple of months.


3.  Tired and Saggy Eyes


Do you constantly look tired? And no amount of sleep helps? Then upper-eye surgery may be your answer.  The surgery involves trimming excess skin, muscle or fat from the upper-eye to give a refreshed and smoother looking canvas.  Eyelids also heal well as the skin is thin and rarely forms scar tissue.  This procedure can last anywhere from fifteen to twenty years and is one of the most effective cosmetic surgeries.


4.  Bags Under the Eyes


Over time, the ligament under the eye weakens, causing the skin in the area to lose elasticity and begin to bulge.  Combining fillers with another technique can tighten the skin and remove the bags.  One such technique is Thermage, which uses radio frequency waves that stimulate the deep tissue layers, where new collagen production occurs.


5.  Saggy Cheeks and Deep Folds


The folds that run from your nose to the corners of your mouth can deepen over time – especially when your cheeks begin to drop.  By filling up the cheeks with something like Perlane, you can eliminate the sag factor and remove the creases from around your mouth and nose.  Women are often misguided and fill only the fold, which creates heaviness in the lower face.  It’s not about chasing every line and fold with fillers, it’s about giving volume back to the cheeks, which will lift and smooth the folds.


6.  Everything is Going South


The facelift – the full combo deal.  Stitching, cutting and two weeks recovery — for at least ten to twelve years of sag-free skin.  A facelift is an expensive and intrusive procedure, but if you consider the cost of five to six years of Botox or fillers, you could pay for two facelifts.  But don’t fall for the ‘lunchtime facelift’ that offers a pain-free and simple solution; they’re a scam that will leave you looking distorted and unnatural.


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