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CJ Hendry

You may have seen some of CJ Hendry’s works flying around the social media sphere lately, especially now that she can add Kanye West to her list of customers.  But we first found out about this incredible talent from our friend, renowned blogger, The Cool Hunter. CJ’s works were exhibited as part of The Cool Hunter’s most recent exhibition in Sydney – The Art Hunter.


Thanks to the personal endorsement from the king of cool – The Cool Hunter, CJ has become the most talked about and sought after artist with her works quadrupling in price in a matter of months!


The Cool Hunter is one of the world’s most popular blogs with over two million visitors to the site every month. The founder and Cool Hunter himself, Bill Tikos, has the rare ability of finding anything new and unique, and CJ Hendry is no different.


All six of CJ Hendry’s pieces were sold prior to the opening of The Art Hunter in March, and it’s not hard to see why.  Using only a pen and paper, CJ creates the most beautiful black and white drawings that look like just like photographs, so it’s difficult to believe they’re not real.


CJ generally uses high-end fashion pieces and symbols are the subject of her works, some of her most iconic drawings include: a Louis Vuitton emblazoned zebra head and a Hermes silk scarf.


According to The Cool Hunter, “CJ Hendry’s creative process starts with selecting an object, or in some cases the object selects her and she becomes obsessed with it to the point of having to create an image of it in ink. She then photographs the object in different positions and lighting, sometimes taking more than 100 images. She looks for a strong contrast with negative space that then draws the focus onto the object itself.”


CJ claims her method is very backwards, confessing that she has never been an expert of the computer.  Given she doesn’t have the option of using technology to help with enhancing and editing images CJ takes a more ‘old school’ approach to drawing, doing everything by hand.


The works can sometimes take upwards of 200 hours to create using only a black ballpoint pen, but we think the end result is definitely worth waiting for.  CJ’s creative process has been documented through her Instagram account, where she stores memories of all her artwork.  We guarantee you will be blown away by her incredible luxury meets art drawings.


CJ Hendry does not do private commissions and is exclusively represented by The Cool Hunter.  Visit: for more information.


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Image credit: The Cool Hunter

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