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The Most Powerful Statement I Heard This Year

Women With Drive - 16 November 2016

Throughout your life, you would have read or heard hundreds of inspiring words from those around you. Some you have forgotten and others, you still carry at the back of your mind. Then there are those rare statements that have enough brilliance to light your...

most powerful statement

Alexandra Carlin: Notes From A Perfumer On The Garden Route

Women With Drive - 9 November 2016

Alexandra Carlin just finished packing her suitcase, filled with clothing from France and impressions of South Africa. She is all set to fly back to her hometown of Paris. But then—Carlin can scarcely believe her nose—there is a sticky-sweet scent in the air, at once...

alexandra carlin

Vanessa Jilly: How To Run An Organic Nation

Women With Drive - 26 October 2016

Most interviews with an entrepreneur usually begin with updates on the latest business happenings. But Vanessa Jilly wants to talk about resilience instead. “It is probably the biggest thing my parents gave me,” says the co-founder of skincare brand, Organic Nation. ”Dad was a farmer...

vanessa jilly organic nation

Angelique Kerber: Serving The Aces

Women With Drive - 21 October 2016

When Angelique Kerber clinched her first Grand Slam title at the Australian Open in January, she found herself considering a wildly thrilling and very real possibility – that this could be the year she unseated Serena Williams as the world number 1. “I have always...

angelique kerber