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Women With Drive / taking the wheel

Trying is the only way to get there

Women With Drive - 21 May 2018

In 2013, at the age of 57, Renée Brinkerhoff became the first woman in the history of La Carrera Panamericana to win her class, in their debut year. In a car prepared at her direction, with a handpicked racing crew and navigator, Renée achieved something...

A Jane By Any Other Name

Women With Drive - 5 May 2017

British born icon Jane Birkin became a poster girl for French chic in the 60s when she moved there to star in a 1969 film alongside Serge Gainsbourg called Slogan. The pair began a 13-year love affair and even recorded Je T’Aime Moi Non Plus...

Jane Birkin

Cynthia Rowley: A Stitch Ahead

Women With Drive - 10 April 2017

New York based fashion designer and entrepreneur Cynthia Rowley has been making clothes for four decades, but only made her first Australian visit six years ago when she designed a surf/swim collection with Roxy. She recently returned as a guest of VAMFF, and to launch...

Olga Safari: The 911 is the Perfect Escape Car

Women With Drive - 21 February 2017

She’ll take on anyone.   Even Catwoman from The Dark Knight Rises—because, according to Olga Safari’s Twitter fans, Catwoman stole her face. Anne Hathaway, who played the role in the film, bears an astonishing resemblance to Safari. This provocative claim, made at the margins of...

Olga Safari