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Travel / different worlds await

House Half Full: Fast Furnishings in the Macan GTS

Travel - 16 February 2017

The weekend after schools go back, in my opinion, is the best time to have a weekend away. The hustle and bustle is gone, traffic returns to normal and destinations like Bowral take a deep breath and relax. I have a penchant for dark, rich,...

Macan GTS

Kerala: Secrets Of The Backwaters

Travel - 14 November 2016

Deep in the south of India lies a coastal state known as ‘God’s own country’. Rimmed by the Arabian Sea coastline, studded with spice and tea-covered hills and cradling great expanses of backwaters is Kerala. Life in Kerala is a far cry from that in...

Porsche Club Iceland: In the Land of the Vikings

Travel - 4 November 2016

Our adventure in Iceland begins long before this story. It starts with Pétur Lentz, the president of Porsche Club Iceland. A pilot for Icelandair, he flies a Boeing 757 across the northeast Atlantic to Munich to pick up an acquaintance: the photographer Stefan Bogner. The two had previously worked...

porsche club iceland

Finding Your Home Away From Home In Bali

Travel - 19 October 2016

“Bali is a place you can easily stay in for a long time. But to stay in any one place you have to be able to afford it.” Krystal Adams is not making an offhand remark. She knows exactly what she is talking about having...

villa istana